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Loretta Lynch and Her Private Meeting With Bill Clinton

Last Monday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch spoke privately with former President Bill Clinton in Phoenix, inviting just the kind of political controversy that she has vowed to avoid. Lynch, who will ultimately determine whether to indict Hillary Clinton on federal charges, has...
Posted On 01 Jul 2016
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Explosive Hillary Clinton Book Ignored by Mainstream Media

Crisis of Character, a book written by former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne, gives readers an inside look at the original Clinton administration – one that brings into serious doubt Hillary Clinton’s fitness for the presidency. Byrne reveals the hidden side of...
Posted On 30 Jun 2016
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Trump Explains How to Make America Wealthy Again

Donald Trump won the Republican nomination with vague promises, vague policy proposals, and a loose vision of a future that would break away from the established orthodoxy of both the Democratic and Republican parties. One of the most exciting parts of his post-clinch campaign...
Posted On 29 Jun 2016
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Clinton Blames the Internet for Voter Mistrust

As far as Hillary Clinton is concerned, the buck stops…somewhere out there in the wilds of the internet. Still plagued with polls that show the majority of Americans view her as dishonest, Hillary said this week that biased websites were partially responsible for this...
Posted On 28 Jun 2016
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Ex-DHS Secretary: Gun Control Wouldn’t Have Stopped Mateen

Tom Ridge, the man who served as Secretary of Homeland Security under President Bush, said Sunday that Democrats were chasing the wrong dog by pursuing gun control legislation after the Orlando massacre on June 12. In an interview with New York’s 970AM, Ridge said,...
Posted On 27 Jun 2016
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Media Suddenly OK With Challenging a Politician’s Faith

For eight long years, we’ve sat back and watched the media establishment defend Barack Obama’s Christian faith as though each and every reporter had first-hand knowledge of the president’s innermost religious values. If anyone dared to challenge Obama’s...
Posted On 26 Jun 2016
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Supreme Court Keeps Obama’s Immigration Plan Frozen

In a 4-4 split decision, the Supreme Court this week effectively upheld a lower court’s decision to block President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. Those actions, delivered in November 2014, would have granted amnesty to more than 5 million illegal...
Posted On 24 Jun 2016
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Trump Finally Lowers the Boom on the Clintons

Throw out all the polls, because Donald Trump delivered a speech this week that could forever change the course of the 2016 election. So powerful and pointed was his long, brilliant smackdown of Hillary Clinton that even some prominent NeverTrump conservatives are beginning to...
Posted On 23 Jun 2016
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Silly Democrats Stage “Sit-In” to Force Vote on Gun Control

A group of House Democrats, led by Rep. John Lewis, took over the House floor on Wednesday in a silly demonstration that is aimed at forcing House Speaker Paul Ryan to hold a vote on gun control. Inspired by Sen. Chris Murphy’s filibuster that forced four separate gun...
Posted On 22 Jun 2016
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Delusional Delegates Think They Can Win With Another Nominee

According to a new story in the Washington Post, a group called Free the Delegates – a conservative initiative to get delegates pledged to Donald Trump to abandon their pledge at the Republican National Convention – has already attracted the support of nearly 400...
Posted On 21 Jun 2016
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