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University to Freshmen: This Ain’t No Safe Space

Students heading to the University of Chicago this fall received a welcome letter from the dean of students, John Ellison, explaining that they might not love everything they heard over the course of their undergraduate studies. They might be confronted with arguments and...
Posted On 26 Aug 2016
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George W. Bush: The Final Republican President?

In USA Today this week, Rick Hampson speculated on what might become of the Republican Party if Donald Trump failed to pull off the big win in November. “A Trump loss, especially a big one, could call into question the GOP’s ability to elect candidates – a major...
Posted On 25 Aug 2016
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The Worldwide Immigration Tipping Point

Donald Trump’s critics would have you believe that the Republican nominee singlehandedly set the United States ablaze with anger over illegal immigration, creating it, magically, with the sheer will of his charisma. But while Trump certainly brought immigration back to the...
Posted On 24 Aug 2016
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The Joyless World of Left-Wing Activists

The worst thing about the liberal grievance industry is that it steals all the joy out of life. To those who find militant feminism, the LGBT movement, and the new civil rights organizations ridiculous, that joy ebbs and flows depending on how often one has to look at their...
Posted On 23 Aug 2016
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Is Trump Changing for Hispanics…or Someone Else?

According to the latest Washington scuttlebutt, Donald Trump is getting ready to roll back certain portions of his original immigration proposal. While the wall across the Mexican border remains an official part of Trump’s platform, reports say that the Republican candidate...
Posted On 22 Aug 2016
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Clinton’s Agenda Shows Why Trump is the Only Choice

Any Republican voter still wrestling with themselves over whether or not they should support Donald Trump should read an article in Sunday’s Washington Post about Hillary Clinton’s immediate political objectives upon taking the oath of office. If it doesn’t...
Posted On 21 Aug 2016
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Oh No: Trump is Destroying Facebook Friendships!

Since last summer, Donald Trump has been accused of espousing racism, bolstering ISIS recruitment, degrading women, and generally conducting himself in a manner unbecoming of a presidential candidate. But now the media insists that his campaign hasn’t just divided Americans...
Posted On 19 Aug 2016
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Ivanka’s Money Not Good Enough for Jewelry Retailer

Well, you have to congratulate the designers behind Lady Grey, the New York jewelry line . If you’ve reached a level of success where you can casually embarrass your customers, you must be doing very well indeed. The women behind Lady Grey, Jill Martinelli and Sabine Le...
Posted On 18 Aug 2016
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NY Times: It’s Sexist to Question Hillary’s Health

According to The New York Times, Hillary Clinton is exempt from any questions regarding her physical health. In an article highlighting Donald Trump’s recent comments about Hillary’s ability to do the job she’s seeking, the paper determined that the Republican...
Posted On 17 Aug 2016
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Biden: My Son Would Not Have Served in Trump’s Military

Last week, the media truly outdid themselves as they tried to make Americans believe that Donald Trump had called for Hillary Clinton’s assassination. So it is that spirit of “anything can mean anything you want it to” that we look at a comment Vice President...
Posted On 16 Aug 2016
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