Pence and Giuliani to Dems: We’re Not Answering Your Subpoenas

House Democrats issued subpoenas to Vice President Mike Pence and Rudy Giuliani, giving them until Tuesday to hand over documents relating to their one-party impeachment inquiry. Well, Tuesday came and went, and neither Pence nor Giuliani complied with the subpoenas, leaving...
Posted On 16 Oct 2019
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Target Hiked Their Minimum Wage to $15. What Happened Next was Predictable.

Get woke, go broke – that’s what they say. And while we’re sure Target will remain solvent for many years to come, their employees may already be wishing the retail corporation had done a little more thinking before joining the Democrats in the Fight for $15. Apparently hoping...
Posted On 16 Oct 2019
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Biden Promises Not to Pardon Trump if Elected President

Speaking to whatever unknown crimes Trump may be convicted of in the Democrat Fantasy World, Joe Biden promised reporters on Sunday that he would not pardon Trump if he were to be elected president next November. “It wouldn’t unite the country,” Biden said. “You’d say: ‘Wait a...
Posted On 14 Oct 2019
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Moonbat Trustee Yells at Colleague: “Stop It! You are a White Male!”

Don’t speak out against foolish resolutions meant to demonstrate how truly caring and woke the Village of Oak Park, Illinois is. Especially if you are just a white male, because we now live in an age where everyone who is a white man has to take a backseat to the opinions of any...
Posted On 13 Oct 2019
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This is 2020: Elizabeth Warren Promises Free Sex Changes for Criminals

At a CNN town hall event focused on LGBT issues on Thursday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren changed her previous stance on taxpayer-funded sex change operations to come into alignment with the current insanity being sponsored by the far left. “I will direct the Bureau of Prisons to end...
Posted On 11 Oct 2019
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Our Tax Dollars Funding Planned Parenthood’s $45 Million Election Campaign

Earlier this year, the Trump administration did conservative taxpayers an enormous favor by taking one of the biggest bites out of Planned Parenthood’s federal funding that any Republican has managed to do in years. By demanding that recipients of Title X monies separate...
Posted On 10 Oct 2019
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Bombshell: Whistleblower Has Connection to 2020 Democratic Candidate

It was bad enough when we learned that on August 26, the Intelligence Community’s inspector general wrote up a memo regarding the so-called Ukraine whistleblower. In that memo, IG Michael Atkinson cast a certain amount of doubt about the veracity of the whistleblower (who remains...
Posted On 09 Oct 2019
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AOC’s New Insanity: We Should Abolish All Prisons

The left has been on an “abolish private prisons” kick for a while now, and some of them even make some decent points. There is, after all, a potential conflict-of-interest at play when a company’s bottom line depends on actually being able to fill their prison to capacity. Does...
Posted On 08 Oct 2019
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WH Chief of Staff Predicting 45-State Landslide for Trump After Impeachment

According to a new report from Axios, White House (acting) Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney has been telling colleagues and staffers that Democrats’ efforts at impeaching President Trump could very well set the president up for a 45-state landslide election win in 2020. Betting on...
Posted On 07 Oct 2019
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Report: “Hundreds” of Transgender People Now Want to Change Back

In a report that is very unlikely to gain much traction in the U.S. due to the overwhelming oppression of political correctness and the out-of-balance power that the LGBT Mafia has over the American news media, Sky News in the UK is reporting that “hundreds” of young transgender...
Posted On 06 Oct 2019
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