Bernie Sanders Momentum Gives Democrats “Down-Ballot Jitters”

As Bernie Sanders edges ever closer to becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee, the Democrats around the country who will have to share the ballot with him in November are doing their best to put daylight between themselves and the socialist senator. In swing districts...
Posted On 23 Feb 2020
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ICE Defies California Law, Dares State to Do Something About It

The Democrats in Sacramento passed a law last year forbidding ICE to arrest illegal immigrants on courthouse grounds without getting a warrant from a judge. This week, outside a courthouse in Sonoma County, ICE agents went ahead and did it anyway. The officials took two illegal...
Posted On 21 Feb 2020
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Rep. Meadows Says One Man Won Democratic Debate: Donald J. Trump

In an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, Freedom Caucus founder Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) said he came away from this week’s Democratic debate with a very clear impression of the winner: President Donald Trump. “We now know why they’ve spent so much time on impeachment...
Posted On 20 Feb 2020
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Gay Activists Don’t Want Parents Notified About LGBT Content in Schools

Iowa Republicans are trying to pass a new piece of legislation that would require public schools to inform parents about any LGBT-related content that they will be teaching their children. With this notification, schools will give parents the opportunity to request that their...
Posted On 19 Feb 2020
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Buttigieg Diagnoses the Problem: We Don’t Have ENOUGH Immigrants

At a campaign stop in Carson City, Nevada on Monday, Pete Buttigieg told the crowd that the real problem with America is not that we are being overrun with illegal aliens coming across the southern border. No, no, the problem is that our laws do not allow ENOUGH immigrants to...
Posted On 18 Feb 2020
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MSNBC Leftists: Enforcing the Law is “Terrorizing” Illegal Immigrants

Shocked (SHOCKED, we say!) by a report that the Trump administration is sending elite SWAT-like Border Patrol units into sanctuary cities to help ICE officials arrest and deport illegal aliens, a panel of bleeding heart liberals on MSNBC spent Saturday evening telling us why...
Posted On 17 Feb 2020
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Conviction: Liberal Hero Michael Avenatti is Going Away for a While

The man who will forever live in infamy as “Creepy Porn Lawyer” (well, as long as people will remember him at all, that is) is going away for a while. Michael Avenatti, who rose to fame as lawyer for Stormy Daniels at that quaint moment in time where America cared about that...
Posted On 16 Feb 2020
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Violent Leftist Assaults Trump-Supporting Teen at New Hampshire Primary Site

It hasn’t even been a week since a psycho in Jacksonville drove his van through a tent, trying his best to mow down Republican volunteers who were trying to register people to vote in the upcoming elections. But even since then, we’ve seen reports of a lunatic at the White House...
Posted On 14 Feb 2020
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Hit Children’s Show is Actually Capitalist Propaganda, Says Professor

It seems clear that no stone will be left unturned in our ongoing culture wars. Proving this, Professor Liam Kennedy of Canada’s King’s University College appeared on the CBC this week to take aim at a very unlikely target: The hit television program, Paw Patrol. The show, which...
Posted On 13 Feb 2020
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tells Liberals That ERA is Dead in the Water

After Virginia finally ratified the Equal Rights Amendment last month, the feminists thought they were only a hair’s breadth away from seeing it added to the Constitution. But in a speech at Georgetown University this week, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg advised those...
Posted On 12 Feb 2020
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