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Democrat: “Second Amendment” May Be Solution to Donald Trump

Say, do you happen to remember back during the 2016 election when Donald Trump suggested, after saying there was nothing Americans could do if Hillary got elected and started stuffing the Supreme Court with liberal appointees, that, oh well on second though, maybe “the Second...
Posted On 20 Mar 2018
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LIAR: Top DNC Official Offers Absurd Denial of Farrakhan Connections

Thanks to one of his most disgusting and publicized racist sermons in quite some time, Louis Farrakhan and his “ministry” has been back in the news as of late. Well, “in the news” meaning the liberal media is giving it the bare minimum coverage they can in an era where they would...
Posted On 19 Mar 2018
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It Begins: The Fall of the Obama Justice Department

For anyone looking to have their faith restored in the FBI and the Justice Department, what happened on Friday proved that the Trump administration has set a course towards earning that faith from the American public. Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered the termination of...
Posted On 18 Mar 2018
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Watching the Watchmen: GOP Senators Demand Another Special Counsel

It has gone from soft recommendations on cable news and in newspaper op-eds to the real deal – On Thursday, four Republican senators filed an official demand with the Department of Justice, asking Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appoint a second special counsel to oversee the...
Posted On 16 Mar 2018
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Quran Gave Teenager the “Courage” to Kill a 13-Year-Old Boy

A 17-year-old Florida juvenile named Corey Johnson told authorities that he fed himself a diet of jihadist videos and read the Quran “to give him courage” before stabbing one boy to death and seriously injuring two others at a sleepover last week. Johnson, who has been charged...
Posted On 15 Mar 2018
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Embarrassing: Fauxcahontas Won’t Back Down From Indian Heritage Claim

We really don’t have the patience to listen to one more bleeding-heart liberal tell us how terrible it is that the Washington Redskins are still using that name. Because we haven’t seen any of these people – so saddened about the horrible plight of the gentle Native American –...
Posted On 14 Mar 2018
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LEAKER: Obama’s Former Spy Chief was a Secret CNN Source

The House Intelligence Committee wrapped up its months-long investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election this week, releasing its bombshell conclusion that there had been no collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow. That was news enough for one day, but...
Posted On 13 Mar 2018
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Science Mag: Actually, Climate Change is Not That Bad

The left has been telling us for more than a decade that 99.99999% of scientists agree that global warming is happening, it’s manmade, and that it will mean the near-certain extinction of all human and animal life on the planet within the next fifty years. Okay, maybe the...
Posted On 12 Mar 2018
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Democrats About to Take the Next, Shocking Step on Immigration

When it comes to the progressive left of the Democratic Party (which is quickly becoming the entire party), you can know one thing for certain at all times: Whatever their position is on an issue today, it is only masking a much more radical position that they will take on...
Posted On 11 Mar 2018
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Liberal Writer: Constitution Favors Gun Owners Over Women

We’ve seen some stupid arguments in favor of gun control over the last couple of weeks, but Emily Peck’s essay in Huffington Post may take the cake. In a post sensationally titled, “The Constitution Gives Gun Owners Greater Rights Than Women,” the liberal writer goes out of her...
Posted On 09 Mar 2018
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