Empathize and Understand: Clinton’s Recipe for Disaster

If we were to hold the elections today, there is every indication that Hillary Clinton would be the next president of the United States. For that reason alone, any American concerned about the future of the country should be paying close attention to what she has to say. Hardly...
Posted On 12 Dec 2014
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Republican Betrayal: Spending Bill Funds Executive Amnesty

Scarcely a month after American voters decided it was time for big changes in Washington, the primary beneficiaries of the shift have all but betrayed those that put them in power. Though the Republican-dominated Senate will not take their seats until next year, many analysts...
Posted On 11 Dec 2014
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Obama Cites Gospel as Basis for Immigration Reform

President Obama is on the immigration press tour, stopping for a town hall meeting in Nashville on Tuesday to tell his flock of followers how important his executive action is for the country. As part of his argument for a more progressive approach to immigration reform, the...
Posted On 10 Dec 2014
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Demanding Personal Responsibility Is Not Victim-Blaming

At some point in the last decade, “blaming the victim” became the worst sin you could possible commit. If you mentioned casually that perhaps a girl should not get blackout drunk if she wants to avoid being sexually assaulted, you would be castigated by the...
Posted On 09 Dec 2014
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Controversial Senate Torture Report to Be Released

A Senate Intelligence Committee report on the CIA’s past use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” is finally set to be released on Tuesday. The report has garnered controversy, with leaders on both sides of the aisle asking for delay. “I think this is a terrible...
Posted On 08 Dec 2014
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Kerry Expects Iranian Deal Within Four Months

Perhaps it was cruelly ironic that Secretary of State John Kerry announced his optimism for a nuclear deal with Iran on the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks. Because any deal we make that could allow this evil government to get closer to a nuke would surely put us in...
Posted On 08 Dec 2014
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China on the Verge of Dethroning America

You could spend hours on all of the ways the United States has suffered under the rule of Barack Obama, but none would make a stronger case than a new report from the International Monetary Fund. For the first time since the late 1800s, America can no longer claim to be the...
Posted On 05 Dec 2014
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Homeless Veterans Still Not Getting The Help They Need

The country doesn’t expect much out of its First Ladies, but when they use their high profile as a position to speak out politically, we have the right to ask whether their efforts amount to anything. In the case of Michelle Obama’s fitness initiatives, early reports...
Posted On 04 Dec 2014
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Is the GOP Breaking Their Promise to America?

We’re only about a month out from a midterm election that saw numerous Republicans campaign on a promise to reverse the direction of the country. While are many facets to that promise, one of them cannot be ignored. Republican leadership in both Congress and the RNC made it...
Posted On 03 Dec 2014
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Second Amendment Faces Serious Court Challenge

Ever since it was put into law, New York’s Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act has been the object of scorn from Second Amendment supporters. The SAFE Act is one of the most freedom-limiting gun control laws in the country, banning the sale of so-called assault...
Posted On 02 Dec 2014
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