125 More Classified Emails: Clinton Catastrophe

The State Department released another 7,121 pages of Hillary Clinton emails on Monday, many of them in heavily redacted form. According to department spokesman Mark Toner, 125 of them included material now officially designated as classified. While Toner insisted that these...
Posted On 01 Sep 2015
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NBC: ISIS Spreading Despite U.S. Efforts

NBC’s Richard Engel produced a one-year progress report on Sunday’s edition of Meet the Press, reporting that despite the three-pronged attack on the Islamic State, the U.S. has done little in the way of dismantling the world’s largest terrorist organization. In fact, he said...
Posted On 31 Aug 2015
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Jeb’s Fundraisers Abandon Ship

If you ask anyone close to the Jeb Bush campaign if they’re concerned about their candidate’s dismal polling, they insist that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. They have an enormous war chest, they’re playing the slow game, and Donald...
Posted On 30 Aug 2015
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Just As Expected, Polygamy Is Next

Kody Brown and his four wives have been reality stars for years, appearing in the hit TLC series “Sister Wives.” The Browns, who are Mormons, have given Americans their clearest glimpse into the unusual practice of polygamy, and they’ve drawn legal heat for...
Posted On 28 Aug 2015
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Wake Up, Dems: Virginia Killer Passed Background Check

Americans barely had time to register the full horror of what happened to Virginia television news reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward before Democrats jumped on the gun control message. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said that he would continue to push for stricter...
Posted On 27 Aug 2015
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Civil War: Trump Vs. Fox News

Shocking many at Fox News, Donald Trump lit a fresh fire under his feud with anchor Megyn Kelly on Monday, breaking a reported truce between the network and the Republican presidential candidate. Kelly returned from her vacation Monday night, and a feisty Trump was ready to play...
Posted On 26 Aug 2015
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NRA Files Suit Against City of Seattle

What is happening in Seattle, Washington? Every time you turn around, this city is enacting some new piece of liberal legislation guaranteed to make life worse for its own citizens. First it was the $15 minimum wage referendum, a law that has already had predictable effects on...
Posted On 25 Aug 2015
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Political Experts At a Loss to Explain Trump

As the weeks march on, the nation’s self-proclaimed political experts are watching their predictions fall as fast as they can make them. Only a few short months ago, everyone in the beltway knew 2016 was going to come down to Clinton and Bush. Then, a month or two later,...
Posted On 24 Aug 2015
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Obama and Jared: Bad Conservative Sportsmanship

Is there anyone in the world of politics and entertainment who isn’t actually a scumbag in disguise? We’ve watched celebrity after celebrity fall from grace over the last couple of years. The latest is, of course, Subway’s longtime pitchman, Jared Fogle. After...
Posted On 23 Aug 2015
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NYT Editorial Shocked by Trump’s Immigration Stance

Whether you love Donald Trump or hate him, you have to enjoy the panic he’s inspired within the liberal media. These elitists have been enjoying the rarefied air for years, only occasionally emerging from their lofty tower to swat some persistent pest. They emerged...
Posted On 21 Aug 2015
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