Who Will Think of the Illegals?

While the debate rages over how detrimental illegal immigration is to our country, liberals want us to consider the poor illegals themselves. Namely, Perla Trevizo – writing in the Arizona Daily Star – wants us to know that there are small sections of fence between...
Posted On 06 Jul 2015
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Obama’s Hypocrisy: Wage Gap at the White House

In one of her books, conservative firebrand Ann Coulter wrote that hypocrisy was the one thing liberals could never be accused of. By refusing to anchor themselves to a definitive moral standard, they create a world without rules. But while Coulter makes an interesting point,...
Posted On 03 Jul 2015
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Executive Order or Not, Deportations Are Plummeting

While the country waits to find out if President Obama’s executive order on immigration will be struck down by the judiciary, the administration is forging ahead with weakened enforcement policies that will have a dramatic impact on the shape of the nation. Under official...
Posted On 03 Jul 2015
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Will Obama Abolish the Redskins?

According to a new report in the Washington Post, the Obama administration intends to stand in the way of a new stadium for the Washington Redskins. President Obama and his cabinet have long criticized the name, which has inspired controversy among Native Americans and –...
Posted On 02 Jul 2015
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Obama Unchained: President Vows 18 Months of Progress

Basking in the glow of two momentous liberal victories coming from the Supreme Court, one of which saved his healthcare law from the scrap heap of history, President Obama is ready to flex his muscles for the next 18 months. “I might see if we can make next week even...
Posted On 01 Jul 2015
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NBC Cuts Ties With Trump Over Immigration Remarks

NBCUniversal announced this week that they were severing business ties with Donald Trump due to the mogul’s remarks on illegal immigration. After announcing that he was running for the GOP presidential nomination, Trump made several statements expressing his outrage over...
Posted On 30 Jun 2015
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NY Times Mourns End of Gay Oppression Culture

While many conservatives worry about what the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage will mean for religious freedom (to say nothing of constitutional integrity), the New York Times has another pressing concern. What will gay Americans do now that they don’t have...
Posted On 29 Jun 2015
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Christian Discrimination at Wisconsin School

In an age where civil rights groups jump at the opportunity to cry discrimination, there remains one segment of society subjected to marginalization and censorship. That segment – Christians – just happens to represent the majority of Americans, making what happened...
Posted On 27 Jun 2015
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Acting White: Why the Left Hates Conservative Minorities

Every so often, some aspiring blogger will label this group or that group “the last group it is still okay to discriminate against.” We’ve seen this label applied to obese Americans, Asian-Americans, Satanists, and on down the line. But if there really is such a...
Posted On 26 Jun 2015
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Bobby Jindal Slams Republicans in Campaign Launch

The crowded field of contenders for the GOP presidential nomination grew by one this week as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal threw his hat into the ring. The governor, never one to shy away from bold speech, took aim at the Washington establishment as he introduced himself to the...
Posted On 25 Jun 2015
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