Democrats Want Obama to Drop Gun Control

After getting trounced on gun control in the November midterms, Democrats are growing weary of President Obama’s position on the 2nd Amendment. No, they’re not going to suddenly turn into the defenders of freedom, but they see the writing on the wall. This is a fight...
Posted On 13 Apr 2015
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Minimum Wage Hike Hurting Oakland Economy

November was a bad time to be a Democrat, but liberals did manage to push their dubious ideas through in a few cities. Local minimum wage hikes were particularly popular; conservative politicians can’t quite make a coherent argument against giving poor people a little more...
Posted On 10 Apr 2015
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Springfield Strikes Back: Gay Agenda Backlash

The left never saw it coming. They were so fired up about Indiana’s religious freedom law, they didn’t realize they had stepped over a precarious line. They overplayed their hand, and now they’re going to suffer the consequences of underestimating the religious...
Posted On 10 Apr 2015
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Obama Wants to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy

White House adviser Valerie Jarrett responded to a petition on Wednesday, signed by activists who want the administration to respond to the suicide of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn. In the teen’s suicide note, she blamed her religious parents for refusing to accept her as...
Posted On 09 Apr 2015
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Sexist to Call Hillary “Hillary”

According to a new article on McClatchy DC, there is a growing controversy over how we should refer to presumed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Some think it’s disrespectful and sexist to refer to her by her Christian name alone. This, despite the fact that...
Posted On 08 Apr 2015
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Americans Have Had It With Illegal Immigration

Try as he might, President Obama has been unable to turn the tide of opinion in favor of illegal immigrants. He remains on the opposite side of the issue from most Americans, a realm he must be extraordinarily comfortable with by now. If he isn’t careful, he’s going...
Posted On 07 Apr 2015
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Pizza War: Restaurant Central to Fight Over Freedom

In the midst of a fight over religious freedom, one Indiana business owner dared to speak out in favor of traditional values. Amidst all the Angie’s Lists and Salesforces and Wal-Marts, only one small pizza restaurant in Walkerton, Indiana had the courage to defend their...
Posted On 06 Apr 2015
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Iranian Deal Comes With Propaganda on Both Sides

So much spin is coming out of Lausanne, Switzerland that it will be a while before we really know what kind of nuclear deal was signed between the U.S., Iran, and the five other world powers who sat at the negotiations table. To be certain, both Iran and the Obama administration...
Posted On 03 Apr 2015
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The Terrifying Spread of American Islam

According to the Pew Research Center, America can expect to see its Muslim population grow from today’s 2.6 million to more than 6.2 million by the year 2030. Most of this population growth will occur due to immigration, with birth rates and religious conversion accounting...
Posted On 02 Apr 2015
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Kansas University Offers Course in the “Extreme Right”

Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas is offering students a course called Politics of the 1960s to Now. If you signed up for this course hoping for a general, unbiased overview of America’s political movements of the last 55 years, you would be sorely disappointed....
Posted On 01 Apr 2015
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