RNC Officials: Impeachment is Boosting Re-Election Base in Every Way

The Democrats and their outlandishly partisan push towards impeachment is already backfiring in ways that even Nancy Pelosi – no slouch when it comes to politics – might not have predicted. By moving forward with an impeachment inquiry that is based entirely on the party’s hatred...
Posted On 01 Nov 2019
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40 Groups Sign Complaint Saying Pelosi has “Weaponized Impeachment”

As the House of Representatives prepared to vote on the impeachment inquiry resolution Thursday, a coalition of 40 conservative groups released an ethics complaint aimed squarely at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). In the complaint, the groups – led by Tea Party Patriots Action...
Posted On 31 Oct 2019
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Expert Pathologist Casts Doubts on Jeffrey Epstein’s Cause of Death

In an interview with Fox & Friends on Wednesday, veteran expert forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden cast doubts on the official explanation of Jeffrey Epstein’s death. The billionaire, who was being housed in a cell at the high-security Metropolitan Correctional Center in...
Posted On 30 Oct 2019
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Watchdog Report: Absolutely No Way a Wealth Tax Would Pay for Medicare-for-All

Democratic candidates for president Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are both running on a campaign to bring Medicare-for-All to the country, and neither of them have been particularly candid about how they will pay for it. Sanders, at least, admits that it will take a tax...
Posted On 29 Oct 2019
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Trump: Travel Ban Keeps ISIS Fighters Out of the United States

The left loves to whine hysterically about President Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban,” but the president himself reminded the public on Sunday that it was his Middle Eastern-focused travel ban that is keeping ISIS fighters from returning to the United States and bringing their...
Posted On 28 Oct 2019
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What is the “Impeachable Offense” That Trump Committed?

In an ordinary impeachment inquiry – to the extent something that’s only happened three previous times in U.S. history can be considered ordinary – Congress would define the impeachable offense that the president is suspected of committing. That makes sense, right? A...
Posted On 27 Oct 2019
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Pence: Nike’s Support of Beijing Shows They Are No “Social Justice Champion”

Nike and the NBA are at the forefront of corporate virtue-signaling here in the United States. The footwear apparel company, in particular, has been eager to show the public how “woke” it is to the concerns of social justice. Earlier this year, they actually cancelled a special...
Posted On 25 Oct 2019
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School District to Spend $2.4 Million Eliminating Gendered Locker Rooms

Congratulations to Eastern Lancaster County School District! While there are school districts in this country having trouble scraping together enough money to pay bus drivers, and many others which are unable to outfit classrooms with 21st century technology, this Pennsylvania...
Posted On 24 Oct 2019
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The Rematch: Hillary Clinton 2020 Moves Closer to Reality

According to two new reports about how frantic top-level Democrats are getting about the pathetic field of candidates in the 2020 presidential race, Hillary Clinton has been telling friends and allies that she is not done contemplating a last-minute jump into the pond. According...
Posted On 23 Oct 2019
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Nobel Prize Winning Economist: Trump’s Effect on Economy Will Last

Despite some experts predicting that a recession is on its way, Nobel Prize winning economist Robert Shiller says that President Donald Trump’s enormous effects on U.S. spending confidence will last for years, staving off any recession that could have ordinarily been foreseen. In...
Posted On 22 Oct 2019
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