WHO Flip-Flops on the Necessity of Coronavirus Lockdowns

If there’s one thing we can count on from the World Health Organization, it’s that we can’t count on them at all. From the beginning of this mess, the WHO has been consistently inconsistent, spreading as much misinformation as the fakest fake news site you can find on the...
Posted On 12 Oct 2020
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Backwards: University’s Resident Advisers Segregated for Racial Training Classes

The further we go along the critical race theory path, the more it begins to feel like there’s very little daylight between these so-called “antiracists” and actual, true-blue racists. For instance: Segregating people by race! We’ve already seen this phenomenon at other schools;...
Posted On 11 Oct 2020
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You Have to Elect Joe Biden to Find Out What Joe Biden Thinks

On Wednesday at the vice-presidential debate, Kamala Harris became the second member of the two-member Democratic ticket to refuse to answer a very simple question: If elected, will Joe Biden seek to pack the Supreme Court with liberal judges to turn the nation’s high court back...
Posted On 09 Oct 2020
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Scholars to Pulitzer Board: Revoke Award Given to 1619 Project Founder

In a final, fatal rebuke of Nikole Hannah-Jones’s 1619 Project, a collection of 21 professors, academics, and historian have sent a declamatory statement to the Pulitzer Board, demanding that they revoke the award given to the New York Times writer for her inaccurate, divisive,...
Posted On 08 Oct 2020
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Michelle Obama Labels Trump a “Racist” for Criticizing Violent Riots

Well, here we are at long last. The Obamas have managed to avoid throwing this word at President Trump for years, leaving themselves as perhaps the last Democrats in the country to keep the charged “R” word off the table. But it’s 2020, everything is racist, and so why bother to...
Posted On 07 Oct 2020
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Bernie Sanders: If We Win the Senate, I’m in Charge of Healthcare!

At a rally this weekend, socialist senator Bernie Sanders told the crowd that if Democrats can manage to wrangle control of the Senate from Republicans in November, he’ll likely lead the way when it comes to crafting a new national healthcare plan. Sanders, who is the biggest...
Posted On 06 Oct 2020
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Trump Signs Executive Order That China’s Not Going to Like At All

If China was already in the tank for Joe Biden, you can imagine that they will redouble their efforts to elect the former vice president now that Trump has introduced his latest executive order. This order, which is right in line with the president’s America First agenda, will...
Posted On 05 Oct 2020
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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Will Defy the Courts With Continued COVID Restrictions

Among all the governors in the country, few can compete with Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer when it comes to using the coronavirus pandemic to keep her citizens under the government’s thumb. Fancying dreams of dictatorship, Whitmer has gone well beyond sensible health...
Posted On 04 Oct 2020
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Outpouring of Hate From Democrat Staffers Following Trump’s Diagnosis

No matter what your politics, if you cheered, mocked, or posted some lame “gotcha” quip on social media following the news that President Donald Trump had tested positive for coronavirus, we’re pretty sure you are officially a bad person. We hate to be the ones to make that call,...
Posted On 02 Oct 2020
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Republicans Warn Dems: We’ve Got a Plan if You Block Barrett’s Hearings

Knowing as they do that they do not have the numbers to block Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, Senate Democrats are reportedly devising a plan to use as many procedural tactics as they can to at least delay the inevitable. According to a new story in...
Posted On 01 Oct 2020
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