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Democrats Locked In: Can They Stop Gorsuch’s Confirmation?

A trio of Senate Democrats announced their opposition to Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch on Monday, giving Minority Leader Chuck Schumer the forty votes he needs to mount a filibuster against the Republicans. Dianne Feinstein of California, Patrick Leahy of Vermont, and Mark...
Posted On 03 Apr 2017
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LA Times: We “Survived Slavery,” But Can We Survive Trump?

The Los Angeles Times told us in Sunday’s paper that it was still not yet time to “panic” about the presidency of Donald Trump, but their 3-part series on the “chilling,” “disastrous,” “frightening,” “shocking”...
Posted On 02 Apr 2017
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DHS: Sanctuary Cities Harboring Dangerous Criminals

The Department of Homeland Security released its latest version of the “Declined Detainer Outcome Report” on Friday, which covers the time period of February 4-10. In it, many of the arguments people make for sanctuary cities are shattered – especially the one...
Posted On 31 Mar 2017
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Trump Turns on House Conservatives in Blistering Remarks

The battle lines in the Republican Party got a little clearer on Thursday when President Trump sent a harsh message to the conservative House Freedom Caucus, promising to have his revenge on them for blocking the Obamacare replacement bill. In an early morning tweet, the...
Posted On 30 Mar 2017
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Chicago Mayor: Trump’s Sanctuary City Threats are “a Joke”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Tuesday that he was not worried about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ threat to stop handing money over to sanctuary cities. “I find it a little ironic. They said they were gonna cut or withhold monies on public safety. Did you look at the...
Posted On 29 Mar 2017
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Christian Views Get Student Suspended from Rollins College

A student at Rollins College in Central Florida says he was suspended from the private school after he stood up for his Christian beliefs in a Middle Eastern Humanities class. The student, 22-year-old Marshall Polston, told the Central Florida Post that his Muslim professor...
Posted On 28 Mar 2017
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Tomi Lahren Fired From The Blaze After Abortion Comments

The New York Post reported Monday that Tomi Lahren, one of a crop of new conservative media stars, has been fired from The Blaze after declaring herself pro-choice in a television appearance last Friday. Lahren, who at only 24 years of age has quickly become one of the most...
Posted On 27 Mar 2017
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Iraqi Prime Minister: ISIS Soon to be Destroyed

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al Abadi said Sunday that he expects the imminent demise of ISIS in Iraq. In an interview with Fox News, al Abadi said Islamic State forces inside Mosul would be decimated “within weeks,” though he admitted that the terrorist organization...
Posted On 26 Mar 2017
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Approved: White House Gives Keystone Pipeline the Green Light

In a move that could have a modest economic impact and a soaring political impact, the Trump administration reversed Obama’s block on the Keystone Pipeline XL, fulfilling yet another promise Trump made on the campaign trail. “Today we begin to make things right,” President...
Posted On 24 Mar 2017
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UN: All Governments Should Crack Down on Hate Speech

If the Trump administration needs further evidence of why it’s important to distance the U.S. from the United Nations, or at least certain committees within the organization, they got it on Tuesday. After President Trump had already made the decision to keep the U.S. out of...
Posted On 23 Mar 2017
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