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Racist to Say Someone is a Hard Worker

On her show Saturday, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry explained to her dwindling audience that people need to watch themselves when they use terms like “hard worker,” especially if describing a white person. Now, it comes as no surprise to learn that liberals dislike...
Posted On 27 Oct 2015
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If You Support Police, Don’t Support Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino has made some of the most universally-acclaimed films of the last twenty years, but if you support police as they try to do their jobs with a nation of ungrateful liars criticizing their every move, you might want to skip the next one. Tarantino showed up in New...
Posted On 26 Oct 2015
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Religious Freedom Protected…For Muslims

It’s been a sad year for religious freedom in America, but at least we’re ending 2015 on a high note. A federal jury has awarded $240,000 to two truckers who say their religious beliefs were infringed upon by Star Transport Inc. But before you get the idea that...
Posted On 25 Oct 2015
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Clinton’s a Liar, But We Already Knew That

If Kevin McCarthy accidentally let the cat out of the bag on Benghazi, the Republican-led House committee had an opportunity on Thursday to reaffirm to the American people that the investigation was about truth, not politics. But over 11 grueling hours of confrontational...
Posted On 23 Oct 2015
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What Does Hillary Have on Obama?

After endless months of speculation, Vice President Joe Biden announced Wednesday that he would not seek the Democratic presidential nomination. He did so in grand fashion, presenting his decision from the White House Rose Garden, flanked by the president and his wife, Jill....
Posted On 22 Oct 2015
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Romney: Internet to Blame for Conservative Uprising

2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has made no secret of his disgust with the state of politics in 2015. On several occasions, Romney has gone out of his way to criticize current frontrunner Donald Trump as well as the conservative uprising in Congress. Now, in a...
Posted On 21 Oct 2015
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Christians Gather to Talk Gay Marriage

This year, the U.S. Supreme Court dealt Christian America one of its worst defeats in decades. Deciding to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states, the Court abdicated its judicial responsibilities, ignored the Constitution, and went with its liberal gut. The ramifications of the...
Posted On 20 Oct 2015
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Hillary’s State Department Was a Security Nightmare

Hillary’s State Department Was a Security Nightmare Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has been knocked off course by questions surrounding her private emails, but a new Fox News report says that her independent server was only one of many problems with the State...
Posted On 19 Oct 2015
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Clinton’s Absurd Attacks on Voter ID

The Democratic Party has apparently decided that the “war on women” trope was so successful, they might as well declare the Republican Party guilty of a “war on blacks” while they’re at it. And the presidential frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, is all...
Posted On 18 Oct 2015
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Common Core Teaches Slanted View of Guns

Opponents of Common Core don’t need another reason to oppose the federal standards, but a new study guide being provided to teachers may give them one. Called “The Battle Over Gun Control,” the instructional guide was produced by KQED, an affiliate of National...
Posted On 16 Oct 2015
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