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Obama’s Temper Flares as he Defends Iran Deal

President Obama took to the White House podium on Wednesday to defend the nuclear deal his administration struck with Iran after months of negotiations. Obama was uncharacteristically defensive in tone, once even stooping as low as to lecture a reporter for asking a question on...
Posted On 16 Jul 2015
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Texas Civilians Prepared to Monitor Jade Helm

It’s the mission moniker that has stirred a backlash within the libertarian community for months. Not much is known about Operation Jade Helm, a series of military exercises involving thousands of troops and several of the most elite Special Forces groups in the country....
Posted On 15 Jul 2015
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Is Scott Walker the Man Republicans are Waiting For?

This week, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker officially became the 15th (!) Republican to announce his candidacy for president. Walker has been expected to run since the get-go, but his potential appeal to the conservative base has been overshadowed by legions of contenders. Former...
Posted On 14 Jul 2015
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Are We a Step Closer to Sexual Consent Contracts?

Human beings somehow managed to figure out the whole sexual consent business for thousands of years, but we’ve apparently lost that ability in the last ten. Eager to tell us that women are being raped at an astronomical rate, especially on college campuses, left-wing groups...
Posted On 13 Jul 2015
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Democrats: “Husband” and “Wife” Now Discriminatory

You have to hand it to them. When liberal Democrats decide to sink their teeth into an issue, they go for broke. Anyone who thought the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage would be enough to mollify the LGBT militants had better think again. The landmark victory has...
Posted On 10 Jul 2015
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Why Is Ted Cruz Missing From NYT Bestseller’s List?

It’s a mystery that even HarperCollins is eager to solve. Ted Cruz’s new book, A Time for Truth, has been selling like hotcakes since its release in late June. According to hardcover sales figures, the presidential candidate’s book has sold nearly 12,000 copies...
Posted On 10 Jul 2015
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MTV’s Racist Propaganda: “White People”

MTV has been an unwatchable crapfest for more than a decade, but the enduring cable channel has always managed to retain relevance with America’s teen demographic. Considering the influence this gives them over impressionable youth, it makes their upcoming White People...
Posted On 09 Jul 2015
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Beyond Trump: It’s the Message That Matters

If you’ve only watched a steady diet of mainstream news for the last two weeks, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Donald Trump is experiencing a fall from grace that only Bill Cosby could relate to. His business deals are vanishing, he is being attacked from every...
Posted On 08 Jul 2015
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Rick Perry’s Brilliant Speech on Race

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry may be floundering in the overpopulated GOP primary field, but every American would do well to listen to his wise words on race. Tackling an issue that most Republicans seem content to ignore, Perry delivered a remarkable speech at the National...
Posted On 07 Jul 2015
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Who Will Think of the Illegals?

While the debate rages over how detrimental illegal immigration is to our country, liberals want us to consider the poor illegals themselves. Namely, Perla Trevizo – writing in the Arizona Daily Star – wants us to know that there are small sections of fence between...
Posted On 06 Jul 2015
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