Trump Power: Unemployment Rate Hits 10-Year Low

After eight years of sluggish recovery, America is once again hitting its stride. And while it’s early to begin crediting President Donald Trump with kickstarting the economy, it’s not to early to lay the blame for those long years of stagnation directly at the feet...
Posted On 07 May 2017
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Lawmakers Reach a $1 Trillion Deal to Keep Government Open

Having finally signed off on a deal to keep the government open beyond the shutdown date, Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill approved a $1.07 trillion spending bill that will keep Washington running until at least October. Missing from the bill? Any money to build THE...
Posted On 01 May 2017
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Ted Cruz’s Brilliant Plan to Fund THE WALL

Sen. Ted Cruz introduced legislation this week that would use the $14 billion seized from drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman to begin construction on the border wall promised by President Donald Trump. With Trump saying this week that he would be willing to remove...
Posted On 26 Apr 2017
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Dems: We’ll Work on Taxes When Trump Releases His

With every passing week, Democrats are being forced to dig further and further into the Pool of Excuses to find justifications for their refusal to work with Donald Trump. And every time they yank another excuse out of the pool, we veer closer and closer to the Drain of...
Posted On 19 Apr 2017
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Approved: White House Gives Keystone Pipeline the Green Light

In a move that could have a modest economic impact and a soaring political impact, the Trump administration reversed Obama’s block on the Keystone Pipeline XL, fulfilling yet another promise Trump made on the campaign trail. “Today we begin to make things right,” President...
Posted On 24 Mar 2017
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Americans Don’t Like Republican Health Care Plan

The GOP was swept into full control of Washington, in part, on their promise to repeal and replace Obamacare. But if a couple of new polls accurately reflect the mood of the electorate, voters are not happy with how Republicans are going about the task of fulfilling that promise....
Posted On 16 Mar 2017
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White House Wants to Slash UN Funding by Fifty Percent

President Donald Trump is set to deliver his proposed 2018 budget plan to Congress on Thursday, and it is widely expected to include dramatic cuts to the United Nations. The White House has instructed the State Department to identify UN programs that the U.S. can step away from...
Posted On 14 Mar 2017
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Ivanka Trump Boycott Backfires on Activist Liberals

If the people behind Grab Your Wallet wanted to put a dent in the Trump family pockets with their organized boycott of Ivanka’s fashion products, they may soon be sorry they ever made a peep. Because while companies like Nordstrom have dropped Ivanka Trump’s brand,...
Posted On 08 Mar 2017
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Obamacare Exchanges Hand out Millions in Undeserved Tax Credits

According to an audit run by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, Obamacare exchanges around the country handed out $21.8 million in tax credits to people who did not meet the eligibility requirements. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is the agency...
Posted On 06 Mar 2017
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Thank You, Donald: America Excited Again About the Economy

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is skyrocketing, business leaders are bringing jobs back to the United States, and a new poll shows that Americans are finally optimistic again about their financial future. President Donald Trump has only been in the White House for a month, and...
Posted On 20 Feb 2017
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