Ivanka Trump Boycott Backfires on Activist Liberals

If the people behind Grab Your Wallet wanted to put a dent in the Trump family pockets with their organized boycott of Ivanka’s fashion products, they may soon be sorry they ever made a peep. Because while companies like Nordstrom have dropped Ivanka Trump’s brand,...
Posted On 08 Mar 2017
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Obamacare Exchanges Hand out Millions in Undeserved Tax Credits

According to an audit run by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, Obamacare exchanges around the country handed out $21.8 million in tax credits to people who did not meet the eligibility requirements. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is the agency...
Posted On 06 Mar 2017
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Thank You, Donald: America Excited Again About the Economy

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is skyrocketing, business leaders are bringing jobs back to the United States, and a new poll shows that Americans are finally optimistic again about their financial future. President Donald Trump has only been in the White House for a month, and...
Posted On 20 Feb 2017
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More Winning: GM Announces $1 Billion Investment in U.S.

Only a couple of short weeks after President-elect Donald Trump bashed General Motors for their factory outsourcing, the auto giant is announcing a new plan to invest more than $1 billion in the United States. According to a piece in the Wall Street Journal on Monday, GM will put...
Posted On 17 Jan 2017
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Sen. Cotton: Don’t Overlook Legal Immigration, Either

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, a longtime Donald Trump supporter and one of the few Republicans in Congress who really “get it” when it comes to immigration, has a new op-ed in the New York Times that’s worth checking out. In it, Sen. Cotton implores the incoming...
Posted On 28 Dec 2016
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Obama Puts Dakota Pipeline on Hold, Angering Republicans

According to the Obama administration and the media, the decision to deny the builders of the Dakota Access pipeline a government permit was made by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. But, as House Speaker Paul Ryan knows all too well, this was a decision made by the president...
Posted On 05 Dec 2016
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Obama Still Pretending His Economy is Booming

Even after an election that was at least a partial rejection of his economic policies, President Barack Obama refuses to acknowledge that his economy has been anything less than exceptional. Speaking in Greece after the election, Obama simultaneously praised his own record while...
Posted On 20 Nov 2016
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Transition Pledge: Trump Already Draining the Swamp

As Vice-President-elect Mike Pence takes over for Chris Christie in leading Donald Trump’s transition team, we’re seeing a full-scale shakeup. Immediately, there was a host of personnel changes, which cut many longtime Washington lobbyists off the team as well as...
Posted On 17 Nov 2016
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Judge: IRS Still Discriminating Against Conservative Groups

On Friday, the Texas Patriots Tea Party scored a major victory against the IRS in a U.S. District Court. The judge in the case, Michael Barrett, granted a preliminary injunction to the plaintiffs and ordered the tax agency to process their application for tax exemption without...
Posted On 07 Nov 2016
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October Stats Indicate Rising Gun Sales

Gun sales are going through the roof, according to the FBI. The agency released their National Instant Criminal Background Check System statistics for the month of October this week, the best available method for determining the number of gun sales. According to the FBI,...
Posted On 02 Nov 2016
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