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Democrat to Ben Carson: Prepare to Remove Your President

Democrats are apparently so upset about President Donald Trump that they are willing to resort to barely-constitutional means to get rid of him. That’s the takeaway from a disturbing exchange in Congress on Thursday, where a California Democrat told Housing Secretary Ben Carson...
Posted On 13 Oct 2017
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Can Trump Throw NBC News Off the Air for Fake Reporting?

Outraged over an NBC News report that shed light on why Secretary of State Rex Tillerson might have referred to him as a “moron” this summer, President Donald Trump lashed out at the network on Twitter, saying he would like to see purveyors of false reporting be thrown off the...
Posted On 12 Oct 2017
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“Not Happy”: Republicans Donors Fed Up With Do-Nothing Congress

According to a new story in Politico, voters are not the only ones getting sick of the Republican Party’s failure to pass legislation. Top donors to the GOP are growing restless, wondering why they spent millions of help Republicans win elections if they weren’t going to get any...
Posted On 05 Oct 2017
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NYT Columnist: If Shooter was a Muslim, GOP Would Do Something

“If only Stephen Paddock had been a Muslim … If only he had shouted ‘Allahu akbar’ before he opened fire on all those concertgoers in Las Vegas … If only he were a member of ISIS … If only we had a picture of him posing with a Quran in one hand and his semiautomatic rifle in...
Posted On 03 Oct 2017
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Kaepernick Makes Big Donation to Group That Honors Cop-Slayer

You hear a lot of confused talk from supporters of Black Lives Matter and the Colin Kaepernick protests – people who want to “be on the left” but don’t really understand what it’s really all about. Like the women who marched on Washington without fully understanding the...
Posted On 01 Oct 2017
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Liberal Black Activists Angry Over Police Director’s Awesome Facebook Post

Michigan State Police Director Kriste Kibbey Etue posted a meme on her Facebook feed this week that many Americans would agree with. Taking a stance against the pathetic NFL anthem protests, Etue shared a post that categorized the protesting players as “millionaire ingrates who...
Posted On 29 Sep 2017
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GOP Governor Says He’ll Fire Any Sheriff Who Defies Immigration Law

Maine’s Republican governor, Paul LePage, is almost as good as Donald Trump when it comes to getting under the skin of confused liberals. We can’t say with any certainty whether or not he’s actually good at his job – we’ll leave that for his constituents to decide – but he...
Posted On 28 Sep 2017
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Unhinged Democrat Wants to Impeach Trump Over NFL Remarks

Leave it to Crazy Maxine Waters to find a way to actually outdo the rest of the left when it comes to overplaying the reaction to President Donald Trump’s NFL remarks. While we’ve seen some rather loony reactions from Democrats and the left, the California congresswoman is the...
Posted On 26 Sep 2017
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Berkeley Students Give Disturbing “Free Speech” Comments to Paper

The New York Times gave some space to a handful of UC Berkeley students this week where they were asked to share some thoughts on free speech ahead of the “Free Speech Week” scheduled to take place on campus. While the event itself has been apparently canceled by the...
Posted On 24 Sep 2017
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Today’s Leftists Can’t Even Be Called Liberals

It wasn’t long ago that “liberal” was one of the easiest go-to insults for the political left in this country. It was a nice catch-all that undermined the Democrats and their soft little “progressive” label that didn’t really get to the heart...
Posted On 14 Sep 2017
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