RNC Chair: 2020 Democrats Going “Out of the Mainstream” With Proposals

In this era of fake news, radical leftists running major media operations, and Democrats who feel free to peddle complete fiction to the public, it doesn’t hurt to state the obvious every now and again. That’s exactly what Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel did on...
Posted On 17 Oct 2019
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NBC Horrified That William Barr Would Support Due Process on Campus

Attorney General William Barr is an evil, evil man. Do you know that he once wrote a letter questioning the validity of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s appointment? Are you aware that he unfairly twisted Mueller’s words to make it sound as though the special counsel said…exactly...
Posted On 20 Sep 2019
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The Trump Administration is Making Lightbulbs Great Again

While most of the media was sternly focused on the very, very serious issue of “SharpieGate,” the Trump administration took advantage of the idiotic distraction to do some good for the American consumer. Specifically, the Department of Energy rolled back burdensome energy...
Posted On 06 Sep 2019
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NASCAR Rejects Gun Ads, Citing “Gradual Shift” on Firearms

In a world where even Gillette razors is trading “wokeness” for profits, one might be able to count on NASCAR, of all corporations, to remain true to a certain spirit of American freedom. Race car driving is, after all, a sport largely watched by Republicans and conservatives – a...
Posted On 02 Sep 2019
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Beto O’Rourke Kicks Breitbart Reporter Out of Event to Protect “People of Color”

Barely four months ago, Beto O’Rourke was on as MSNBC town hall show where he vowed to uphold the First Amendment. “If we don’t have a free press,” O’Rourke said in May, “if we cannot make informed decisions at the ballot box, if we can’t hold people like me accountable, and make...
Posted On 29 Aug 2019
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Reporter Tries to Prove How Easy it is to Get a Gun. Finds Out Otherwise.

Anyone remember when President Barack Obama solemnly informed us that in many areas of the country, it’s easier to get your hands on a deadly gun than it is to buy a piece of fruit…or a book? Yeah, Pepperidge Farms remembers. How could we forget, when this is one of the main...
Posted On 23 Aug 2019
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Why Do Muslims Put Gays to Death? Because of White Colonialists (Of Course)!

Hats off to Britain’s Sky News, which just ran a report on the rampant criminalization of homosexuality throughout Africa. In a rare feat of liberal media reporting, Sky News managed to temporarily put aside their anti-Western Civilization biases to peel back the curtain on...
Posted On 19 Aug 2019
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Legendary Musician: Gun Control Won’t Turn Criminals Into Good Guys

In a searing op-ed for CNSNews.com, legendary musician Charlie Daniels explained why conservatives and Second Amendment supporters were so reluctant to support additional gun control measures in the wake of horrific mass shootings. The problem begins, he writes, with the left’s...
Posted On 15 Aug 2019
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CNN Town Hall on Guns: We’ve Never Banned Assault Weapons Before

If you had the misfortune of tuning into CNN’s second annual town hall event on firearms Wednesday, first of all, we’re sorry. You deserved to have a better night than that. Second of all, you were treated to a special that, while toned down from last year’s post-Parkland event,...
Posted On 08 Aug 2019
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“Intolerance”: Christian Site Barred From Apple’s News Aggregator

In a statement released Wednesday, LifeSiteNews – one of the web’s most respected sources for Christian-based news from around the world – said that Apple News had barred them from participating in their aggregator app due to content that “didn’t comply with our guidelines.”...
Posted On 02 Aug 2019
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