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Gun Shaming: A Pathetic Prank

A group called States United to Prevent Gun Violence wants to make a point. To do so, they set up a fake gun store and invited in the public. When buyers wandered up to the counter, they were presented with their choice of firearms. The catch? Each of the firearms could be...
Posted On 18 Mar 2015
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EPA: How Much Hotel Water Are You Wasting?

If you thought staying at a hotel was a license to take showers as long as you wanted, think again. The Environmental Protection Agency – not satisfied with telling you that you need to take short showers at home – now wants to know how much water you’re wasting...
Posted On 17 Mar 2015
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First Accredited American Muslim College

One can only imagine what future Americans will think when they look back at this period of our history. This scenario, of course, makes the leap of faith that the America of tomorrow will have at some point turned away from the poison that is liberalism, a scenario I have less...
Posted On 13 Mar 2015
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New Study: No Link Between Homicide and Gun Ownership

Perhaps nowhere are statistics and studies used as misleadingly as they are in the gun control debate. As in other areas, scientists and – more importantly – those who fund the scientists, bring their own agendas to the table before conducting their research....
Posted On 12 Mar 2015
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Hope Glimmers as Americans Reject Big Government

A new Heartland Monitor poll shows that Americans are getting increasingly fed up with gridlock, intrusion, and dysfunction in Washington D.C. According to the poll, 64 percent of Americans believe that state and local government is better equipped at making progress than its...
Posted On 11 Mar 2015
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Christian Ballplayer Told to Pipe Down

In 2013, while playing for the Oakland Athletics, Jonny Gomes spoke out in favor of gay rights. “I’m a firm believer in if people fight for our country, they can play sports, you know? If you’re good and you have a boyfriend or you’re married and you fight...
Posted On 06 Mar 2015
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Obama Claims Ammo Ban Will Save Cops

Those who have always believed the worst about Obama in relation to gun rights were probably not surprised when news came of a proposed ban on .223 M855 “green tip” ammunition. After all, this administration has tried many times to subvert the Second Amendment....
Posted On 03 Mar 2015
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Feds Raid Texas Secessionist Group

Several police departments and the FBI raided a meeting held by secessionist group The Republic of Texas on February 14th. Gathered at a VFW post in Bryan, TX., 60 members of the group were fingerprinted, photographed, and stripped of their cell phones. According to officials,...
Posted On 02 Mar 2015
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Another Victim of the Gay Agenda

Last June, officer Eric Moutsos was asked by the Salt Lake City Police Department to participate in a gay pride parade. As a member of the Motor Squad Unit, he was assigned to perform in the parade as a representative of his police department. Because this participation ran...
Posted On 27 Feb 2015
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Indiana Senate Passes Religious Freedom Bill

At a time when florists are being sued into oblivion for refusing to bend their religious convictions, it is encouraging to see lawmakers stand up for the First Amendment. Such is the case in Indianapolis, where the Indiana State Senate has passed a bill that would prohibit any...
Posted On 25 Feb 2015
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