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Who Will Stand in Defense of Our Cops?

Even amongst people whose worst encounters with law enforcement involved a speeding ticket, there is an “us and them” mentality that is at least partially unwarranted. I don’t dispute for a minute that blacks in this country have faced discrimination from police. I...
Posted On 26 Nov 2014
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No Traditions, No Fun: Liberals and Thanksgiving

Sometimes it seems as though the real philosophy at the core of liberalism is this one: if something is traditionally enjoyed by millions of Americans, it is our job to fight against it. In this way, we’ve seen liberals launch attacks on eating food, watching football, and...
Posted On 24 Nov 2014
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The Left Uses Any Excuse to Cry “Racist”

Prominent Republican and former governor of Mississippi Haley Barbour is feeling the heat from the country’s oversensitive liberals after using the term “tar babies” to refer to Obama’s policies. Barbour has since apologized for use of the term, insisting...
Posted On 20 Nov 2014
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Obama and The New American Landscape

Whenever politically-entrenched Americans encounter a philosophy they disagree with, one of the first go-to assumptions is that proponents of that philosophy suffer from some kind of mental deficiency. You see it on both sides of the aisle, liberals accusing conservatives of...
Posted On 19 Nov 2014
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Whites Will Be American Minority by 2050

According to a new book by Brookings Institution demographer William Frey, white people will become an American minority by the year 2050. The population shift will not occur through the introduction of new immigrants, says Frey, but rather though increased birth rates among...
Posted On 18 Nov 2014
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Follow the Money: Top Immigration Reform Donors

When it comes to gun control, healthcare, welfare, and immigration policy, liberals have been masterful at painting their positions as the morally correct ones. They enjoy, of course, a heaping helping of support from both Hollywood and the mainstream news organizations, all of...
Posted On 17 Nov 2014
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Why Is the U.S. Border Patrol Being Disarmed?

Iowa Representative Steve King is deeply concerned at reports of the gradual disarmament of the U.S. Border Patrol. Reports surfaced this month that the federal agency in charge of the Patrol removed approximately half of their M4 carbines due to safety concerns. Though the...
Posted On 13 Nov 2014
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Washington Gun Owners Plan Protest Against New Law

While gun control politicians were largely voted down last week, millions of dollars and an unfortunately-timed school shooting conspired to push through Washington State’s Initiative 594. The new law is strikingly anti-Second Amendment, calling for background checks on...
Posted On 12 Nov 2014
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Majority Believe Guns Make For a Safer Home

According to a new Gallup poll, the tide is turning rapidly when it comes to the American view of guns. Despite millions of dollars being pumped into anti-gun campaigns and the hysterical call for bans that follow every sensational shooting, people are starting to finally get the...
Posted On 10 Nov 2014
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Minneapolis Schools Make It Harder to Suspend Minorities

Responding to reports that showed non-white students were 10 times more likely to be suspended from school as whites, the Minneapolis public school system has announced a new policy for the district: you can’t suspend any student of color without approval from the...
Posted On 10 Nov 2014
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