Impeachment-Minded Amash is Out of the Freedom Caucus

Only a few weeks after becoming one of the only Republicans in Congress to call for President Trump’s impeachment, libertarian Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) has decided to leave the House Freedom Caucus that he had a hand in creating. “I have the highest regard for them and they’re my...
Posted On 12 Jun 2019
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College Hit With $11 Million Judgment After Social Justice Fiasco

Oberlin College in Ohio was found liable for damages by a jury on Friday in one of the most significant legal pushbacks against unrestrained “social justice” that we’ve seen in this country to date. In a verdict that could have wide-ranging implications for out-of-control...
Posted On 10 Jun 2019
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Rand Paul: Justin Amash’s Call for Impeachment is Not Libertarian

The other day, we talked about the extraordinary development in Washington that saw Rep. Justin Amash’s own House Freedom Caucus vote to condemn his remarks about President Trump being ripe for impeachment. Well, it turns out that Amash has not only risked his identity as one of...
Posted On 23 May 2019
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Father of Parkland Victim Says Liberal Gun Control is Not the Answer

In the wake of last year’s tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, a handful of relatively-photogenic student survivors sucked all of the media oxygen out of the room. Promoted relentlessly by the liberal media, David Hogg, Cameron Kasky, Emma Gonzalez, and the like...
Posted On 13 May 2019
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Preemptive Action: Oklahoma Governor Bans Cities From Banning Plastic Bags

Well, this is an unusual story. It’s not every day that you see a Republican politician take preemptive action to stop the left from imposing their nanny-state laws and ordinances on the citizenry. But that’s exactly what Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt did this week when he signed a...
Posted On 25 Apr 2019
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Lawsuit: Parents Say Their Son Was Expelled for Conservative Views

Theodore and Sonia Mancini of Connecticut are suing the private Cheshire Academy and accusing the school of expelling their son, Michael, from school for expressing conservative views that were not appreciated in a liberal atmosphere. The Mancinis say the school is guilty of...
Posted On 21 Apr 2019
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Earth to Mayor Pete: Mike Pence Doesn’t Care if You’re Gay

We’re beginning to suspect that the only reason South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg keeps picking an ethical fight with Vice President Mike Pence is that he’s trying to let all the “woke” liberal voters out there know that he’s gay. Because there’s literally no other sense...
Posted On 09 Apr 2019
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Republicans Urge Democrats to “Move On” From Russian Hoax

By all rights, Sunday’s revelation should have been the end of it. Democrats spent two years complaining about Republicans and their investigation into the events surrounding the Benghazi terrorist attack. They spent at least six years complaining about Ken Starr’s investigation...
Posted On 25 Mar 2019
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Trump Takes Powerful Action Against Censorship at Leftist Universities

The rise of leftist censorship at American universities has been one of the most disturbing stories to emerge over the last five years. We’ve seen conservative students ostracized and violently attacked, we’ve seen conservative speakers de-platformed and shunned, and we’ve even...
Posted On 22 Mar 2019
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The Gun Did It: Court Says Sandy Hook Parents Can Sue Remington

In a ruling that would appear to not only violate common sense but congressional law, the Connecticut Supreme Court said Thursday that the victims and families of the Sandy Hook school shooting can move forward with a lawsuit against Remington, the manufacturer of the Bushmaster...
Posted On 15 Mar 2019
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