University Faculty Group Calls Support of Trump a “Racist Provocation”

Proving once again that leftist college students consider any speech that isn’t 100% “on their side” to be racist and hateful, the Chico State Student Government at California State University has penned an extraordinary rebuke of campus Republicans, demanding that the college...
Posted On 15 Dec 2019
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Sen. Grassley Rips FBI for Abusing Their Power in Trump Investigation

While the media was doing cartwheels to avoid contemplating just how awful Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report was for the FBI and the Obama administration, Sen. Chuck Grassley of the Senate Finance Committee was making his concern known. Actually having read the report...
Posted On 11 Dec 2019
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Reporter Thrown Off Twitter for Citing Facts About Transgender Murder Rates

Reporter Andy Ngo, who came to national prominence earlier this year when he was savagely attacked by Antifa thugs when they were wilding out in Portland, got suspended from Twitter this week after doing nothing more or less harmful than publishing some accurate statistics about...
Posted On 26 Nov 2019
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Hell No, You’re Not Taking Our Guns: Beto O’Rourke Drops Out

In a Democratic primary where we’ve been astonished by much of what the candidates have admitted to supporting, former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke managed to outdo the rest of the field with some of the most extreme statements we’ve ever heard on a political stage. Outdoing...
Posted On 03 Nov 2019
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Watchdog Report: Absolutely No Way a Wealth Tax Would Pay for Medicare-for-All

Democratic candidates for president Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are both running on a campaign to bring Medicare-for-All to the country, and neither of them have been particularly candid about how they will pay for it. Sanders, at least, admits that it will take a tax...
Posted On 29 Oct 2019
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RNC Chair: 2020 Democrats Going “Out of the Mainstream” With Proposals

In this era of fake news, radical leftists running major media operations, and Democrats who feel free to peddle complete fiction to the public, it doesn’t hurt to state the obvious every now and again. That’s exactly what Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel did on...
Posted On 17 Oct 2019
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NBC Horrified That William Barr Would Support Due Process on Campus

Attorney General William Barr is an evil, evil man. Do you know that he once wrote a letter questioning the validity of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s appointment? Are you aware that he unfairly twisted Mueller’s words to make it sound as though the special counsel said…exactly...
Posted On 20 Sep 2019
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The Trump Administration is Making Lightbulbs Great Again

While most of the media was sternly focused on the very, very serious issue of “SharpieGate,” the Trump administration took advantage of the idiotic distraction to do some good for the American consumer. Specifically, the Department of Energy rolled back burdensome energy...
Posted On 06 Sep 2019
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NASCAR Rejects Gun Ads, Citing “Gradual Shift” on Firearms

In a world where even Gillette razors is trading “wokeness” for profits, one might be able to count on NASCAR, of all corporations, to remain true to a certain spirit of American freedom. Race car driving is, after all, a sport largely watched by Republicans and conservatives – a...
Posted On 02 Sep 2019
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Beto O’Rourke Kicks Breitbart Reporter Out of Event to Protect “People of Color”

Barely four months ago, Beto O’Rourke was on as MSNBC town hall show where he vowed to uphold the First Amendment. “If we don’t have a free press,” O’Rourke said in May, “if we cannot make informed decisions at the ballot box, if we can’t hold people like me accountable, and make...
Posted On 29 Aug 2019
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