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Bad Ruling: Judge Won’t Let Texas Ban Sanctuary Cities

In a temporary ruling that will likely set the stage for a protracted court battle, a federal judge in San Antonio ruled Wednesday that Texas may not enforce a new law banning sanctuary cities. The law, which was scheduled to take effect this week, would have prohibited cities...
Posted On 31 Aug 2017
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Conservatives Fight to Keep Black Lives Matter out of Schools

San Diego State University has created a weekly course in Black Lives Matter, inspiring serious questions from critics about the appropriateness of inviting certain speakers from a movement that has incited violence and disruption around the country. Called “Black Minds Matter: A...
Posted On 30 Aug 2017
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Sick Democrats Want to Use Charlottesville as a Shield For Voter Fraud

Democrats will go to any lengths necessary to keep the Trump administration and Republicans from looking too closely into the issue of voter fraud. For years, the left has made the spurious claim that any attempt to shore up the security of our elections is just racism in...
Posted On 25 Aug 2017
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ACLU Turns Its Back on Freedom With Stunning Announcement

Conservatives have long learned to be skeptical about the American Civil Liberties Union, the non-profit law firm dedicated to protecting civil rights in this country. While the ACLU has fought for a number of important causes throughout the years, its decisions about which...
Posted On 22 Aug 2017
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Are We Living in the Last Days of Free Speech?

This has been a long time coming, but the war against free speech has now entered the second stage. In the wake of Charlottesville, we are seeing an astounding new development in the left’s attempts to shut down anything they consider hate speech. It involves a steady,...
Posted On 21 Aug 2017
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Petition Calls on University to Remove Statue of Jefferson

Despite freshman enrollment having fallen 30% since the incendiary protests of the last couple of years, it seems that the University of Missouri has yet to take any steps toward cleansing their campus of left-wing indoctrination. That’s obvious from a new
Posted On 20 Aug 2017
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Naming and Shaming Neo-Nazis is Going to Get Innocent People Hurt

On the surface, you can almost see how it sounds like a positive, pro-active way to take a stance against hate. Hundreds of self-proclaimed racists decide to march around in the streets? Why not post their photos online, “doxx” them, and let their friends, schools, and employers...
Posted On 16 Aug 2017
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College Student Bullied by Her Peers After Taking Photo With Pence

The Claremont Colleges in Los Angeles are widely known to be a hotbed for liberalism, but one student just came to the startling realization of just how little “tolerance” there is on campus for anyone who has views that don’t align with the majority. Claremont student McKenzie...
Posted On 14 Aug 2017
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If Paul Manafort is Cooperating, Why Did FBI Break Down His Door?

A very strange and disturbing story came out this week. The FBI reportedly conducted a predawn raid on the home of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort on July 26, less than 24 hours after Manafort spoke to members of the House Intelligence Committee. Manafort, who has...
Posted On 11 Aug 2017
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What Could PETA, the ACLU, and Milo Yiannopoulos Possibly Have in Common?

Several branches of the American Civil Liberties Union are joining forces to file a complaint against the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) for their refusal to accept certain forms of advertising on public transportation. And while we’ve grown...
Posted On 10 Aug 2017
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