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Black Writer Says Oppression of African-Americans is No Longer a Thing

In a speech that is sure to make him an instant enemy in the liberal realm of identity politics, award-winning African-American writer Shelby Steele said Wednesday that the era of black oppression in America was over and it was time for black Americans to rise up to the...
Posted On 08 Nov 2017
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Online Trolls Prove a Damning Point About Racist Social Justice Warriors

Is it okay to be white? Apparently not – or, at least, it’s not okay to SAY that it’s okay to be white. That was proven in stark terms last week when a group of online trolls from 4chan put up posters at college campuses and high schools around the country proclaiming that very...
Posted On 05 Nov 2017
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Rigged System: This Might Be the End of the Democratic Party

The Democratic Party has been in crisis mode since the election, though they’ve done an excellent job of hiding the internal panic from the public. Broke, lacking in public enthusiasm, and utterly failing to unite behind any agenda other than “We hate Donald Trump,” this is a...
Posted On 03 Nov 2017
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Come On: Now Even SHAKESPEARE Needs Trigger Warnings?

If you think that the left’s oversensitivity is restricted to our shores, rest assured that they’re dealing with the same nonsense on the other side of the Pond. Academic experts in England are irritated and alarmed by reports that Cambridge University students are being giv...
Posted On 22 Oct 2017
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Nearly Half of America Thinks Media Makes Up Stories About Trump

The mainstream media had a golden opportunity, circa November 2016, to make a dramatic turn towards the unbiased, objective truth that Americans are starving for. After the election results came in and it was shown, in bold and underlined, to the American public how much they had...
Posted On 18 Oct 2017
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Democrat to Ben Carson: Prepare to Remove Your President

Democrats are apparently so upset about President Donald Trump that they are willing to resort to barely-constitutional means to get rid of him. That’s the takeaway from a disturbing exchange in Congress on Thursday, where a California Democrat told Housing Secretary Ben Carson...
Posted On 13 Oct 2017
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Can Trump Throw NBC News Off the Air for Fake Reporting?

Outraged over an NBC News report that shed light on why Secretary of State Rex Tillerson might have referred to him as a “moron” this summer, President Donald Trump lashed out at the network on Twitter, saying he would like to see purveyors of false reporting be thrown off the...
Posted On 12 Oct 2017
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“Not Happy”: Republicans Donors Fed Up With Do-Nothing Congress

According to a new story in Politico, voters are not the only ones getting sick of the Republican Party’s failure to pass legislation. Top donors to the GOP are growing restless, wondering why they spent millions of help Republicans win elections if they weren’t going to get any...
Posted On 05 Oct 2017
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NYT Columnist: If Shooter was a Muslim, GOP Would Do Something

“If only Stephen Paddock had been a Muslim … If only he had shouted ‘Allahu akbar’ before he opened fire on all those concertgoers in Las Vegas … If only he were a member of ISIS … If only we had a picture of him posing with a Quran in one hand and his semiautomatic rifle in...
Posted On 03 Oct 2017
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Kaepernick Makes Big Donation to Group That Honors Cop-Slayer

You hear a lot of confused talk from supporters of Black Lives Matter and the Colin Kaepernick protests – people who want to “be on the left” but don’t really understand what it’s really all about. Like the women who marched on Washington without fully understanding the...
Posted On 01 Oct 2017
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