“Political Weapon”: Leaked Google Docs Argue Against Free Speech

Breitbart News has been second to none when it comes to exposing the liberal bias running like a thick braid of energy through the top tech companies in the world, and they are not slowing down anytime soon. Only weeks after dropping a bombshell video that showed Google...
Posted On 10 Oct 2018
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Democrats Vow War on Kavanaugh, Sealing Their Fate

Democrats apparently don’t know when to leave well enough alone, and their Kavanaugh Derangement Syndrome (a closely-related ailment to the Trump Derangement Syndrome that has already eaten its way through the party) could be their ruination. Incensed after losing the fight to...
Posted On 07 Oct 2018
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The Democrats Have Made a Very Powerful Enemy

Say whatever you want about Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony on Thursday. Say you believe him, say you don’t. Say you liked his temperament, say you hated it. Whatever you thought about it, there’s one objective thing you can’t deny: Kavanaugh is angry, aggrieved, and he knows exactly...
Posted On 28 Sep 2018
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Democrat: We Might Keep Supreme Court Seat Open Until After 2020 Election

Of all the deranged Democrats trying to derail Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings, Sen. Mazie Hirono might be the most deranged of them all. After telling the men of America to “shut up” with their pesky opinions about Kavanaugh’s sexual accusers and confirming...
Posted On 25 Sep 2018
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Can Betsy DeVos Save Campus Free Speech?

In a speech at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia on Monday, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said that American college campuses were doing their students a grave disservice by giving in to the anti-free speech demands of a few. DeVos, who is one of the left’s most...
Posted On 18 Sep 2018
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Twitter Rejects Ads Using the Term “Illegal Alien”

U.S. law dictates that “illegal alien” is the correct legal terminology to describe someone who comes into the United States without proper authorization, but it has been deemed a term of hate by the tech overlords at Twitter. According to spokespeople from the Center for...
Posted On 13 Sep 2018
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Immigrants, Afraid of Losing Legal Status, Are Dropping Off Public Welfare Rolls

According to a new report from Politico, based off an analysis of federal WIC statistics, immigrants are dropping out of welfare programs out of fear that President Trump will soon penalize foreigners who take advantage of these public funds. Politico reported that “in at least...
Posted On 04 Sep 2018
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California Moves to Make It Much Easier to Take Guns Without Due Process

A piece of legislation passed by the Democrat-controlled state Senate of California this week would expand the list of people who can ask a judge to take away an individual’s gun. If AB2888 moves to the governor’s desk for signature, it would allow co-workers and school officials...
Posted On 31 Aug 2018
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NASCAR Driver Loses Sponsorship For Racist Remark. Made By His Dad. 35 Years Ago.

We thought we’d probably seen the worst of it when it came to celebrities and other public figures losing their jobs under public backlash from a nation of outrage vampires, but this is undoubtedly the worst, most flagrantly PC idiocy we’ve seen to date. This week, Lilly Diabetes...
Posted On 26 Aug 2018
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Bill Maher Blasts Liberals for Cheering InfoWars Social Media Ban

90% of Bill Maher’s HBO every week is dedicated to chronicling the awfulness of the Trump administration, mocking the president, and bemoaning the decline of Western Civilization as long as Republicans rule the roost in Washington. This commentary does little to set Maher apart...
Posted On 20 Aug 2018
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