41% of Democrats Want to Change the Constitution

A growing number of Democrats believe that it’s time to update the Constitution, according to a new poll from YouGov. The company surveyed 1,000 adults, asking them if the document had “held up well as the basis for out government and laws” or if it needed to be...
Posted On 15 Apr 2016
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CA Lieutenant Gov. Wants Background Checks on Ammo

California lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom wants Jerry Brown’s job, and he is using gun control as one of his principle platform issues. At the Graton casino last week, Newsom spoke out in support of proposed legislation that would restrict the sale of ammunition, putting...
Posted On 04 Apr 2016
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The Petition to Allow Guns at the GOP Convention

More than 40,000 people have signed an online petition to let attendees of July’s Republican National Convention carry firearms. Though there are reasons to believe that the petition is authored by a liberal anti-gunner hoping to make a point, it seems that thousands of...
Posted On 28 Mar 2016
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Hillary’s America: Goodbye Jobs, Goodbye Guns

A week after promising Univision moderators that she would basically ignore America’s immigration laws if elected president, Hillary Clinton topped herself on Sunday’s CNN Democratic town hall event by vowing to eliminate jobs for millions of American workers....
Posted On 14 Mar 2016
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Good Guy With Gun Prevents Tragedy

Didarul Sarder, a valet driver working at the General Motors Technical Center in Warren, Michigan, is being hailed as a hero for his courageous actions Wednesday morning. Sarder was standing by when a woman attacked a GM employee with a steak knife in what police are calling a...
Posted On 11 Feb 2016
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San Bernardino Official: Citizens Should Carry

From his place on the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, Robert Lovingwood felt the December 2nd tragedy that befell his community in a way that Americans on the other side of the country could not. Though the terrorist attack on that day shook all of us, it left a...
Posted On 05 Feb 2016
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Comcast Backs Down From NRA Censorship

Is the nation’s most powerful media empire taking a political stance against the Second Amendment? The National Rifle Association and Comcast went at it this week after the cable conglomerate rejected two advertisements promoting the NRA’s Great American Outdoor Show in...
Posted On 22 Jan 2016
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Obama’s Festival of Gun Lies

You have to hand it to CNN’s Anderson Cooper. He may be the last liberal in the mainstream media with a higher regard for the ethics of journalism than for the Democrat Party. He’s let his fair share of whoppers slide, particularly during the whole Ferguson thing, but...
Posted On 08 Jan 2016
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Obama’s Gun Orders Revealed

President Obama announced Tuesday his highly-anticipated executive actions on gun control – actions he has been threatening since the shooting at an Oregon community college in late 2015. The plans are divided into four primary categories: Background Checks Of the executive...
Posted On 05 Jan 2016
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Obama Promises to Unveil New Gun Control Orders

As the nation continues to focus on the threat of Islamic terrorism, President Obama made it clear in his final radio address of 2015 that his focus is still on finding ways to make life harder for millions of law-abiding gun owners. After referencing the Newtown tragedy of 2012...
Posted On 01 Jan 2016
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