Majority in D.C. Want to Ban All Guns

In the nation’s capital, a new poll shows that 51% of residents would like to bring back a total ban on private gun ownership. That ban, which used to be law in Washington, D.C., was struck down as unconstitutional in 2008. That Supreme Court ruling led to the D.C. City...
Posted On 23 Nov 2015
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The Duty of Concealed Carry

As conservatives locked in a never-ending fight to protect the Second Amendment, we spend a lot of time defending the right to bear arms. This extends, in many cases, to the right to bear arms in public. And so we have debates about concealed-carry, open carry, gun-free zones,...
Posted On 19 Nov 2015
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Common Core Teaches Slanted View of Guns

Opponents of Common Core don’t need another reason to oppose the federal standards, but a new study guide being provided to teachers may give them one. Called “The Battle Over Gun Control,” the instructional guide was produced by KQED, an affiliate of National...
Posted On 16 Oct 2015
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Professor Resigns Over Campus Carry Law

Dismayed over a new state law that will make it legal for concealed-carry license holders to bring their guns onto college campuses, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin is calling it quits. Daniel Hamermesh, 72, has taught economics at UT Austin since 1993, but...
Posted On 14 Oct 2015
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Bernie Sanders and Guns: A Liberal Enigma

Much of what’s said about Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders tends to paint him as a populist Democrat whose notions of America of firmly rooted in a mild form of socialism. But while there is very little room to the left of Sanders in an American democracy, he is one of the...
Posted On 11 Oct 2015
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Cornell Professor Takes on “Gun-Free Zones”

The media always carries water for the Democrats, but they’ve been worse than usual following the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. Perhaps inspired by President Obama’s ignorant rant hours after the tragedy, the mainstream news organizations...
Posted On 05 Oct 2015
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New Bill Protects 2nd Amendment Right of Seniors

In a July issue of the L.A. Times, it was reported that the Social Security Administration would begin sharing information with the National Instant Background Check System, worrying many who thought this was Obama’s latest ploy to skirt the Second Amendment. While the...
Posted On 17 Sep 2015
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Wake Up, Dems: Virginia Killer Passed Background Check

Americans barely had time to register the full horror of what happened to Virginia television news reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward before Democrats jumped on the gun control message. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said that he would continue to push for stricter...
Posted On 27 Aug 2015
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NRA Files Suit Against City of Seattle

What is happening in Seattle, Washington? Every time you turn around, this city is enacting some new piece of liberal legislation guaranteed to make life worse for its own citizens. First it was the $15 minimum wage referendum, a law that has already had predictable effects on...
Posted On 25 Aug 2015
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Media Focus Moves to Right-Wingers in Ferguson

It’s a dilemma. As an executive of a mainstream news organization, you know that Ferguson = ratings. The more violent, the better. But as a member of the liberal elite, you have to find a way to square that violence with your social justice message. You try to make a thing...
Posted On 12 Aug 2015
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