Clown World: Biden Taps Transgender “Woman” as Assistant Secretary of Health

Well, we’re not even to February and we already have one of the most head-scratching, laugh-until-you-cry headlines of the year. We grew discouraged with the state of our nation’s average intelligence when we learned that a bunch of people on Twitter thought that one of the...
Posted On 19 Jan 2021
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NatSec Adviser: Coronavirus Almost Certainly Leaked From Wuhan Lab

In a very revealing conversation with British officials this weekend, U.S. National Security Adviser Matthew Pottinger said that intelligence points to the coronavirus having originated in a Wuhan laboratory and not the wet markets as the world thought for so long. In a Zoom...
Posted On 04 Jan 2021
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San Mateo County Declines to Implement Newsom’s Lockdown Order

This week, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a new slate of executive orders demanding that businesses, indoor dining, and hair salons close down when their regions reach the point of 15% ICU capacity. The order, which will put much of southern California and the area immediately south...
Posted On 06 Dec 2020
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USA Today Tries Their Best to Cover for Democrat COVID Hypocrites

The role of the mainstream media fact-checker is a thankless one. Every day, you have to get up, rub the sleep out of your eyes, and find some way to cleanse Democrats of their sins while simultaneously making sins up to accuse Republicans of. Every day, you have to find a way to...
Posted On 03 Dec 2020
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Joe Biden and Racism: The Two Things We Can Defy COVID For

It’s been instructive over the past eight or nine months to learn the interesting ways the coronavirus behaves. Under normal conditions, this is a deadly disease that mandates our most extraordinary precautions. In deference to this fact, we’ve: Closed schools, closed...
Posted On 08 Nov 2020
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WHO Flip-Flops on the Necessity of Coronavirus Lockdowns

If there’s one thing we can count on from the World Health Organization, it’s that we can’t count on them at all. From the beginning of this mess, the WHO has been consistently inconsistent, spreading as much misinformation as the fakest fake news site you can find on the...
Posted On 12 Oct 2020
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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Will Defy the Courts With Continued COVID Restrictions

Among all the governors in the country, few can compete with Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer when it comes to using the coronavirus pandemic to keep her citizens under the government’s thumb. Fancying dreams of dictatorship, Whitmer has gone well beyond sensible health...
Posted On 04 Oct 2020
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COVID Misinformation? Dems Ought to Look At Themselves First

For months, the media and the Democratic Party have accused President Donald Trump and his administration of downplaying the coronavirus, of using racist smears to shift the blame to China, of having mixed messaging on the importance of mask-wearing, and of – this is what it...
Posted On 30 Sep 2020
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Gov. Cuomo Unhinged: “Donald Trump Caused the COVID Outbreak in New York!”

At a press conference on Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appeared to part ways with reality. Continuing his full-time job of avoiding any responsibility whatever for the disastrous way his administration handled the coronavirus back in the spring, Cuomo went further than...
Posted On 09 Sep 2020
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San Francisco Residents Outraged That Government Gyms Have Been Open for Months

San Francisco residents and business owners were shocked this week to learn that while private gyms have been closed since March due to the coronavirus restrictions, government employees have been able to freely work out for months. Not restricted to having to frequent the local...
Posted On 07 Sep 2020
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