The Top 5 Reasons to Put an End to Illegal Immigration

According to a new story originating with the Wall Street Journal, President Barack Obama is mulling over the possibility of a new executive order putting a halt to illegal immigration deportations. This is exactly the direction that many conservatives worried he might take,...
Posted On 31 Jul 2014
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VA Reform Bill Finished After Weeks of Negotiations

The Senate and the House have managed to agree on something. In a rather surprising turn of events, both houses of Congress have come together on a compromised Veterans Affair reform bill after several weeks of negotiation. It’s not perfect legislation by any means, but it is...
Posted On 28 Jul 2014
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Doctor Saves Lives…With His Gun

Doctors save lives every day in hospitals around the country, but it’s not often we get to hear about one of them doing it in quite such a violent and heroic fashion. Dr. Lee Silverman did just that on Thursday, however, shooting an invading gunman to protect himself and others...
Posted On 25 Jul 2014
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The Alien Invasion – Proud Americans Strike Back With Signs and Protests

Friday and Saturday, groups around the country turned out in a grassroots protest against the influx of illegal aliens at the border. Angry, proud, and desperate to make their voices heard, these Americans brought their message to the streets in droves, warning their fellow...
Posted On 21 Jul 2014
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USDA and Michelle Obama Want Shopping Carts to Tell Customers What to Eat

A commissioned expert panel, requested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, has released an 80-page report on how to “nudge” Americans on food stamps to make healthier choices in the nation’s grocery stores. Their ideas include talking shopping carts and enhanced lighting for...
Posted On 18 Jul 2014
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Berkeley’s Giving out Free Weed to Poor People – This Is Where Welfare Is Now

In a turn of events that sounds like a headline out of The Onion, the Berkeley, California City Council has ruled that medical marijuana dispensaries must allocate at least 2% of their product to give to low-income patients. According to the ruling, the dispensaries must not only...
Posted On 10 Jul 2014
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Harry Reid and The Senate Lead Charge to Overturn Hobby Lobby Decision

Democrats are once again taking the law into their own hands, led to the slaughter by none other than Harry Reid. In one of the left’s most blatant attempts to sidestep judicial law, Reid told the media on Tuesday that the Senate wasn’t going to let “five white men” determine the...
Posted On 09 Jul 2014
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VA Scandal Worsens and Obama’s Legacy Rots Away

If there’s a phrase you can use to easily sum up Barack Obama’s Presidential career, it might be, “He’s as skilled at politics as he is unskilled at leadership.” The first black President of the United States promised “hope and change” at the outset before going on to disappoint...
Posted On 07 Jul 2014
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Despite What the Lefties Say, Obamacare a Disaster

Hillary Clinton’s hilariously inept book tour, Iraqi cities falling to roving bands of terrorists, Bowe Bergdahl, #bringbackourgirls…the list of embarrassments for the left wing in this country are long enough that you might be forgiven for forgetting about our national...
Posted On 25 Jun 2014
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Could America Be Headed For A Civilization-Destroying Famine?

Though families committed to the survivalist movement do their best, no one can live their entire lives preparing for the worst. For most people, it is a nightmare of significant fancy to imagine that the grocery stores – now stocked to the roof with every type of food that a...
Posted On 16 Jun 2014
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