Taxpayers Have Likely Lost $100 Billion in COVID Funds to Fraud

As Congress prepares to jam through another $1.9 trillion in COVID stimulus relief, a new report from NBC News shows that we may be throwing good money after bad. Prosecutors all over the country are launching investigations into large-scale unemployment fraud programs that may...
Posted On 16 Feb 2021
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Backwards: Biden to Roll Back Trump’s Orders on His Very First Day in Office

Joe Biden isn’t going to wait to roll back everything good his predecessor did with the power of the pen. His incoming White House chief of staff, Ron Klain, said in a memo to senior staffers this week that the new president will unveil a series of executive orders on day one to...
Posted On 17 Jan 2021
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Trump Says Lawless Cities Will Be Defunded in New Federal Memo

In a stark warning to New York City, Portland, Washington, D.C., and Seattle, President Donald Trump sent a memo out this week ordering his administration to review the federal funds currently being dispersed to these cities. Trump said in the memo that it may not make sense to...
Posted On 03 Sep 2020
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Joe Biden, Taxes, and the Plan for “Significant Income Redistribution”

President Donald Trump and his majority Republican Congress passed a significant tax cut in 2017, helping to propel the American economy to new heights. While many of those gains have been demolished by the coronavirus and the accompanying lockdowns, there is substantial hope...
Posted On 01 Jun 2020
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Biden Demands Amazon Pay More Taxes. Amazon Makes Him Look Idiotic.

Rule #1 in politics: If you’re going to get up on your high horse about something, you’d better damn well know what you’re talking about. This is a rule that Joe Biden breaks constantly, to the point where you have to wonder if there actually IS any subject where he knows wh...
Posted On 25 May 2020
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Pelosi Throws a Fit After Senate Puts Her $3 Trillion Liberal Wishlist on Ice

There’s no world in this universe or any other where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually thought Mitch McConnell and the Republicans in the Senate were going to take her $3 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill seriously. Stuffed to the gills with left-wing pork that literally has...
Posted On 22 May 2020
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Trump Takes Major Step Towards Cutting Off Coronavirus Economic Impact

While the media and the Democrats busy themselves with the simultaneous hobby of panicking Americans about the coronavirus and insisting that President Trump should somehow magically have stopped this disease in its tracks months ago, the real President Trump is taking major...
Posted On 10 Mar 2020
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Watchdog Report: Absolutely No Way a Wealth Tax Would Pay for Medicare-for-All

Democratic candidates for president Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are both running on a campaign to bring Medicare-for-All to the country, and neither of them have been particularly candid about how they will pay for it. Sanders, at least, admits that it will take a tax...
Posted On 29 Oct 2019
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School District to Spend $2.4 Million Eliminating Gendered Locker Rooms

Congratulations to Eastern Lancaster County School District! While there are school districts in this country having trouble scraping together enough money to pay bus drivers, and many others which are unable to outfit classrooms with 21st century technology, this Pennsylvania...
Posted On 24 Oct 2019
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RNC Chair: 2020 Democrats Going “Out of the Mainstream” With Proposals

In this era of fake news, radical leftists running major media operations, and Democrats who feel free to peddle complete fiction to the public, it doesn’t hurt to state the obvious every now and again. That’s exactly what Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel did on...
Posted On 17 Oct 2019
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