Weird Poll Shows “Discrimination” Has Lost All Meaning

This week, the Public Religion Research Institute released a new poll showing that Americans have some very strange ideas about the nature of racial discrimination. Now, this won’t be news to anyone who has watched Democrats run shamelessly on this issue for years, nor to...
Posted On 22 Nov 2015
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7th Graders Memorize Islamic “Fight Song”

You know, maybe instead of dreading the Big One – the major earthquake scientists predict will one day split California away from the rest of the United States – we should just go ahead and take matters into our own hands. Because it’s increasingly clear that...
Posted On 20 Nov 2015
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The Duty of Concealed Carry

As conservatives locked in a never-ending fight to protect the Second Amendment, we spend a lot of time defending the right to bear arms. This extends, in many cases, to the right to bear arms in public. And so we have debates about concealed-carry, open carry, gun-free zones,...
Posted On 19 Nov 2015
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Glamour’s Woman of the Year Angers Widower

Do you ever wonder what the last generation of feminists would have thought about the transgender movement? Is it not counter to everything they believed in? How is it that feminism now encompasses not just women but also men who choose to live their lives as women? And if...
Posted On 18 Nov 2015
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Philly Mayor: Gun Violence is “Domestic Terrorism”

Days after the world was shocked by the bloody massacre in Paris, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter told reporters that the daily gun violence claiming lives everyday in America was really no different from the Islamic terrorism seen Friday. “Domestic terrorism is...
Posted On 17 Nov 2015
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Obama Still Thinks His ISIS Strategy is Working

Is there anything more pitiable than a fool who fails to learn the lessons life has put in front of him? We would shake our heads in sympathy for a hungry dog who doesn’t eat his food. We would feel deep sorrow for a child who breaks his leg jumping off the roof, only to do...
Posted On 16 Nov 2015
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Do They Have Our Attention Yet?

How quickly we grow complacent. If you’d told someone on September 12, 2001, that within a few short years we would value privacy over national security, Islam over the homeland, and diplomacy over strength, they would have laughed in your face. And if you’d told them...
Posted On 15 Nov 2015
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Even Pro-Lifers Are Poisoned by This Sick Culture

Liberal website has a video up called “If Abortion is Murder, Does that Make the Women who have them Murderers?” The point of the video – which features a woman named Elizabeth Plank interviewing pro-lifers at a conference – is to demonstrate that...
Posted On 13 Nov 2015
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Republican Rep: 1 in 3 Illinois Citizens on Welfare

Illinois State Rep. Bill Mitchell has seen enough. The Republican is tired of throwing good money after bad at a welfare system that is slowly but surely draining the life out of the economy. “Now we have one in three Illinoisans on a program, and we’re not fully...
Posted On 12 Nov 2015
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News? Propaganda? The Media’s Ben Carson Vendetta

For conservatives, the last year or so has been a lesson in liberal studies. Before Ferguson officer Darren Wilson shot local criminal Michael Brown, you could easily have an intelligent debate about how much liberal bias there is in the mainstream media. Afterwards, however,...
Posted On 11 Nov 2015
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