No Fun Allowed! Kiss Cams Under Attack

Kiss Cams have been part of major sporting events for as long as most of us can remember, but in an era where liberals can find offense in even the most innocent activities, they may not be around much longer. Over the last two weeks, hypersensitive kooks have found two separate...
Posted On 24 Sep 2015
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Ben Carson Gets Fundraising Boost After Muslim Comments

Republican presidential contender Ben Carson has a history of controversial comments, but this is the first time he’s made them under the bright spotlight of the mainstream media. Frustrated with their inability to put a dent in Donald Trump’s armor, hundreds of...
Posted On 23 Sep 2015
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Liberal Pope Has GOP on Edge

Perhaps intimidated by a man who actually stands for something, several Republican congressmen have openly expressed their desire to see Pope Francis stick to religion when he addresses a joint session of Congress on Thursday. And while millions of Catholics have bristled at some...
Posted On 22 Sep 2015
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U.S. Military Looks the Other Way on Child Abuse

According to an explosive new report from the New York Times, U.S. military forces in Afghanistan are being told to look the other way when it comes to child abuse in the war-torn country. Even when the perpetrators of sexual abuse are American allies, forces in the region are...
Posted On 21 Sep 2015
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Gay Doritos, Gay Extremists, and a Sad Culture

Let’s face it: we’ve all been there. It’s Saturday afternoon, we’ve done all the chores we’re going to do, and we have a block of time available to watch the game. What’s the game without a snack? We head into the kitchen and search through the...
Posted On 20 Sep 2015
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Georgia Sheriff Lashes Out Against Anti-Police Rhetoric

Since the death of Michael Brown last August, police officers across the nation have been under fierce attack from the left. Because there are a handful of racist cops in the country, these liberals claim, we must completely overhaul our criminal justice system. Worse, groups...
Posted On 18 Sep 2015
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New Bill Protects 2nd Amendment Right of Seniors

In a July issue of the L.A. Times, it was reported that the Social Security Administration would begin sharing information with the National Instant Background Check System, worrying many who thought this was Obama’s latest ploy to skirt the Second Amendment. While the...
Posted On 17 Sep 2015
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Alabama Takes Powerful Step Against LGBT Agenda

In the wake of one of the most disgraceful moments in modern American history – that being the imprisonment of Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis – the Alabama legislature is taking a powerful step to ensure religious freedom for their own government employees. Instead...
Posted On 16 Sep 2015
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Donald Trump and the Anti-Media Revolution

The talking heads on CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and the networks have struggled mightily to encapsulate the Donald Trump phenomenon in a way that makes sense to their worldview. It’s a racist movement. It’s an anti-establishment movement. It’s impotent anger, being thrown...
Posted On 15 Sep 2015
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Kim Davis Has Earned Her Compromise

Rowan County, Kentucky was alive with activists on Monday as embattled county clerk Kim Davis returned to work. After spending six days in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses – a decision born out of her religious objection to gay marriage – Davis has vowed...
Posted On 14 Sep 2015
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