New Poll Shows Only 63% of Likely Voters Know Who’s In Charge of Congress

If you ever wondered why America is in the shape it’s in, a new poll from Rasmussen Reports should shed some valuable light on the problem. According to their September 2014 telephone poll, only 63% of likely U.S. voters know whether Democrats or Republicans are in control...
Posted On 11 Sep 2014
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Major Networks Avoiding the Issue of President’s Approval Ratings

At a time when President Obama’s approval ratings are at an all-time low, mainstream media outlets are cloaking him in an unprecedented layer of protection. If you depended only on ABC, CBS, and NBC for your news, you might indeed have no idea that Obama’s popularity...
Posted On 10 Sep 2014
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Small Business Ownership Plummets to Lowest Recorded Levels

Another fantastic effect of Obama’s anti-capitalism recovery policies can be seen in a new report from the Federal Reserve. Titled “Changes in U.S. Family Finances from 2010 to 2013,” the report noted that small business ownership in America took a heavy hit...
Posted On 09 Sep 2014
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It’s the Monthly Obama Economy Spin – Grab a Seat and Prepare for the Lies

It’s that time of the month again. Time for the Obama administration to get up in front of the American people and tell half-truths, fables, and outright lies in an attempt to spin the jobs report. This week it was Vice President Joe Biden doing the honors since Obama came...
Posted On 08 Sep 2014
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Obama Stifling Freedom of the Press – Fox News Host Speaks Out

Even as the Obama administration tries to convince voters they are being open with the American public via a major interview with Meet the Press, a sinister story emerges showing just how far these lying Democrats are willing to go to close ranks. Fox News host Greta Van Susteren...
Posted On 08 Sep 2014
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Is an Oregon Gun Maker the Latest Victim of Operation Choke Point?

President Obama’s Operation Choke Point, a dual-department mission to eliminate illegal businesses, has apparently ensnared another law-abiding gun manufacturer in its dangerous web. Critics have long pointed out that the operation is being used in sinister ways, attacking...
Posted On 05 Sep 2014
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Sickening Study Shows 1 in 10 California Workers are Here Illegally

From the “just when you thought it couldn’t get worse” files come this study from USC. Released Wednesday, the study found that roughly 10% of the California workforce is made up of illegal immigrants. In a year where the nation has really started to sour on the subject of...
Posted On 04 Sep 2014
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U.S. Ramps Up Ebola Warnings – “A Threat to All Humanity”

American officials said Wednesday that Ebola has now spread to five West African countries and would likely continue to spread across the region. They didn’t stop there, however; in contrast to earlier reports from the CDC which said that the disease posed little threat to the...
Posted On 03 Sep 2014
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Brilliant! Obama Administration Loses 6,000 Foreign Students

If this headline sounds like something out of The Onion, you’ll be distressed to learn that it’s not satire. The Obama administration has misplaced 6,000 foreign students here on special visas. Not only is this disturbing from a confidence-in-government perspective, but it raises...
Posted On 02 Sep 2014
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U.S. Starts Mexican Ad Campaign to Bring Back Deported Illegals

In an era where people are very concerned about what illegal immigration is doing to the country, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is apparently going to allow thousands of them to return to the country. Not only that, but taxpayers will be footing the bill for an ad...
Posted On 01 Sep 2014
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