Worse Than Rioters are the Defenders

The circumstances surrounding the death of Freddie Gray may not be fully understood for some time, but the consequences of that death are apparent. The city of Baltimore has been thrown into chaos by criminals always there to take advantage of a situation. Always there to use a...
Posted On 28 Apr 2015
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A Dangerous Obsession With Trash

The big ratings hit of the week went to ABC, whose two-hour exclusive interview with Bruce Jenner drew 17 million people last Friday night. Jenner, who owes his fame to his Olympic success and Kim Kardashian in roughly equal measure, has declared himself a woman. And when it...
Posted On 27 Apr 2015
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Same Sex Marriage Arrives at Supreme Court

The long wait is finally coming to an end. Within the next few months, the debate about the legality of same-sex marriage will be decided once and for all, and legal experts are convinced that the Supreme Court will come down in favor of gay marriage. The case before the court...
Posted On 27 Apr 2015
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You Will Believe: LGBT Movement Demands Fealty

For years, Christians and conservatives were concerned about the way Biblical sin was being thrust into the mainstream by movies and TV shows. It was one thing to show evil on the big screen, but it was quite another to glorify it. That went for murder, drugs, and sex, but it...
Posted On 25 Apr 2015
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Crocodile Tears: The Myth of the Bleeding Heart

Liberals and Democrats have taken a prominent place on the national platform even though their ideas are useless, their proposals are ludicrous, and their results are disastrous. Why are these people permitted a place at the table when everything they touch turns to manure?...
Posted On 24 Apr 2015
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Obama Wants Lower Standards for Military Women

Army General Martin Dempsey has been the Obama administration’s point man for a crusade that is at right angles with the president’s oath to protect the country. It is Obama’s wish to see more women in combat roles in the military, but he’s not willing to...
Posted On 23 Apr 2015
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Vandals Attack Anti-Gay Business Owner

If you want to know what happens when you express sentiments that don’t match up with the LGBT agenda, just ask the owners of Memories Pizza in Indiana. Hours after appearing on the news, the restaurant was besieged with hateful reviews and a liberal backlash so severe they...
Posted On 22 Apr 2015
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Liberal Students Call Conservative Speech “Violence”

Feminists at Oberlin College and Georgetown University are not just convinced that they are right and the people that disagree with them are wrong. They have decided that even the presence of ideas that conflict with their viewpoint is dangerous. When they learned that...
Posted On 21 Apr 2015
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Hijab Day Canceled in Ohio

Every once in a while, a public school will pursue such a staggeringly bad idea that one can only wonder if the staff drinks something a little harder than orange juice with their breakfast. Granted, the idea of holding a Muslim “Covered Girl Challenge” at...
Posted On 20 Apr 2015
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Supreme Court Blocks Birth Control Mandate

This week, the Obama administration once again found itself rebuked by the long arm of the law. For the fifth time, the Supreme Court came down against the administration on the matter of forcing employers to pay for abortion through Obamacare. Those who thought this was settled...
Posted On 17 Apr 2015
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