Net Neutrality: Fixing an Imaginary Problem

If future historians paint a fair picture of this president, they will present him as a man who went to great lengths to fix problems that were wholly within his own imagination. He’s content to ignore (or actively facilitate) illegal immigration, terrorism, suffering...
Posted On 13 Feb 2015
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Americans Favor Religious Freedom Over Gay Marriage

Whenever a new poll comes out, it has to be read with healthy skepticism. Polls can be made to say just about anything the pollsters want it to say. Even when the results aren’t what the liberal media want them to be, they can write stories that downplay the...
Posted On 12 Feb 2015
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And Now the Left Wants to Let Non-Citizens Vote

It’s one of those issues where the more you read about, the more certain you are that someone slipped you some bad medication. Surely you’ve been drugged, because the only alternative is that entire segments of the population have gone insane. That can’t be, can...
Posted On 11 Feb 2015
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Just Like That, Obamacare Could Be History

In two weeks, the Supreme Court will hear King v. Burwell, and the future of Obamacare will be decided. The president and his supporters have denigrated this case as a transparent attempt to turn a “typo” into a bigger deal than it is, but it’s going before the...
Posted On 10 Feb 2015
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Ben Carson Dares to Put Conservatism in the Spotlight

At its root, the conservative message is simple. It gets muddied and confused in the elaborate scheme of politics, but every so often, a Republican dares to correct the course. And it would be to the undying benefit of the party to pursue this simple message more often, because...
Posted On 09 Feb 2015
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The Media Doesn’t Deserve to Criticize Brian Williams

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen liberals eat their own with the voracious appetite they’ve demonstrated over this Brian Williams fiasco. Every mainstream news personality with an outlet has used this opportunity to cut Williams down to size. And to be...
Posted On 09 Feb 2015
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Comparing Resolve: Jordan Upstages U.S.

After King Abdullah ibn al-Hussein of Jordan was confronted with a video showing the Islamic State burning a Jordanian pilot alive, the monarch’s anger was palpable. The country immediately executed the Al Qaeda operatives ISIS had hoped to get in trade for the pilot, upped...
Posted On 06 Feb 2015
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The Great American Science Controversy

For as long as humans have been recording history, matters of science have caused deep divisions among politicians and people. Such is the case today, where liberals and Democrats have done everything in their power to paint Republicans and conservatives as somehow anti-science....
Posted On 05 Feb 2015
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Introducing Racist State Senator Ernie Chambers

Every so often, you get an irrefutable example of just how obvious the liberal media is when it comes to choosing which controversies to cover. If a GOP staffer makes a remark about the president’s daughters, the whole world stops to gawk and condemn. If a Republican city...
Posted On 04 Feb 2015
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Republicans Try One More Time to Repeal Obamacare

Over the last few years, Republicans in Congress have voted nearly 60 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act. On Tuesday, they were poised to do it one more time. The latest legislation is sponsored by Rep. Bradley Byrne of Alabama, and it aims to not only repeal the law but...
Posted On 03 Feb 2015
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