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The Phony (and Dangerous) Myth of Racist School Discipline

“Government Study: School is Racist.” That was the headline over at The Root, a site that finds racism in pretty much every interaction in America. So it wasn’t surprising to find that author Michael Harriot found it lurking in public school discipline policies, which have been a...
Posted On 08 Apr 2018
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Mexico Votes to Cut Off Bilateral Cooperation with U.S. on Immigration

In the wake of President Trump’s decision to order National Guard troops to the border, the Mexican Senate passed a resolution that would end bilateral cooperation between our countries on the issues of drug cartels and illegal immigration. Passed by a unanimous vote and sent to...
Posted On 06 Apr 2018
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Instead of Deporting Illegals, California’s Giving Them Driver’s Licenses

Always count on California when it comes to treating people who should not even be in this country better than American citizens. It seems that the extremist Democrats who populate the state government now see the protection and care of illegal aliens as their primary...
Posted On 05 Apr 2018
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Mueller: Trump is NOT Under Criminal Investigation

President Donald Trump has told the public from day one that, from every point of communication he has received from the FBI, he is not under criminal investigation. And every time he says this, the media reports it and then…just…kinda…forgets about it. They go right back to...
Posted On 04 Apr 2018
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Trump Takes Concrete Step Towards Faster Deportations

After a weekend where President Trump reportedly consulted with some high-profile supporters who warned him that he may be in danger of losing his base on the issue of illegal immigration, a new Trump administration emerged this week, determined to tackle this problem with...
Posted On 03 Apr 2018
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Even Some Liberals are Concerned About the Laura Ingraham Boycott

Laura Ingraham doesn’t exactly have a defender in CNN’s Brian Stelter, but even one of the most reliably liberal members of the network’s Fake News Squad admitted Sunday that he was not entirely comfortable with the boycott targeting Ingraham’s advertisers. In a discussion with...
Posted On 02 Apr 2018
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6th- Grade Teacher Tells Kids They’re Responsible for “Millions of Deaths”

A little girl from Georgia named Josie Orihuela appeared on Fox News this week to share her recording of a rant her sixth grade teacher went on in class – a rant in which she told students that everyone in America is an “illegal immigrant,” that Donald Trump wants to pave the way...
Posted On 01 Apr 2018
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Trump Preparing Major Crackdown on Immigrant Welfare

The left is in a tizzy because the Trump administration is planning to unfold a major crackdown on immigrants who benefit from public welfare. According to a draft proposal obtained by the Washington Post, the Department of Homeland Security may soon penalize immigrants who...
Posted On 30 Mar 2018
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The War Against the NRA Has Spectacularly Backfired

CNN, of all news outlets, was forced to report this week that the war against the National Rifle Association, driven in part by their network’s asinine coverage of the Parkland teen activists, has done nothing but HELP the very organization the left is so desperate to destroy....
Posted On 29 Mar 2018
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CNN Host: I Let David Hogg Sit There and Lie About NRA

CNN’s Brian Stelter apparently needed to clear his dirty conscience. He appeared on S.E. Cupp’s HLN show on Monday night and admitted that when he had Parkland student activist David Hogg on his own show, he went easy on him to the point of letting his lies go unchallenged. “Gun...
Posted On 28 Mar 2018
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