City Official: Seattle Zone Murder Might Have Been “Right-Wing Attack”

Seattle City Council Member Kshama Sawant has shown over the last couple of weeks that, much like Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, she is willing to bend the truth beyond the breaking point if it means supporting the anarchists who have taken control of several downtown city blocks...
Posted On 22 Jun 2020
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Trump in Tulsa: “Do You Want to Bow Before the Left-Wing Mob?”

President Donald Trump made his triumphant return to the campaign trail on Saturday night in front of a crowd of thousands in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Despite the ever-present threat of the coronavirus, a last-minute date change, mischievous leftists playing games with the attendance...
Posted On 21 Jun 2020
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Duluth City Leaders to Replace “Chief” Job Title so Indians Aren’t Offended

Oh boy, has it ever been a month for overwrought, politically correct pandering. From corporations removing Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben from the store shelves to HBO affixing “Gone With The Wind” with an all-new, racially-conscious introduction, liberals are falling all over...
Posted On 19 Jun 2020
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Kayleigh McEnany Demolishes Jim Acosta Over Coronavirus Hypocrisy

We were largely on board with Sarah Sanders and her decision to no longer hold daily White House press briefings. These briefings do grow tiresome after a while, as adamant as the press corps is in trying to “get” President Trump or his press secretaries. It’s a foolish game...
Posted On 18 Jun 2020
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NYC Won’t Ask COVID-Positive Patients If They Attended Racial Protests

If you’ve watched the news over the last three weeks, you should not be surprised to learn that Democrat-run cities like New York have decided that protecting the public from the uncomfortable facts about packed racial protests is a more important mission than protecting people...
Posted On 17 Jun 2020
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Harvard Professor: Defunding Police “Could Cost Thousands of Black Lives”

The first and most unfortunate casualty in the Social Justice Wars of 2020 (and long before George Floyd’s death, quite frankly) is competent, rational discussion. Facts no longer matter to the deranged left and their enablers in the mainstream media. There is no such thing as a...
Posted On 16 Jun 2020
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Former NYPD Commish: Don’t Attack Cops and You Won’t Get Shot

Despite clear video showing that Atlanta police were (at least arguably) justified in using deadly force against Rayshard Brooks this weekend, the nearly-undisputed narrative is that it was an unacceptable shooting, that Brooks posed no threat to the officers, and that the police...
Posted On 15 Jun 2020
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Thousands Sign Petition to Take Down Boston Statue of Abraham Lincoln

Protesters in North Carolina, Missouri, Virginia, and elsewhere have demanded that monuments built to commemorate Confederate soldiers be dismantled for the sake of honoring black lives. Others have focused their ire on statues of Christopher Columbus, the explorer who modern...
Posted On 14 Jun 2020
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No Seattle Official Will Take “Credit” for Leaving Downtown to Anarchists

In one of the most embarrassing moments in modern American history, the Democrats who “run” Seattle have allowed far-left agitators, armed activists, and Black Lives Matter members to take over several city blocks in downtown, which the rebels have renamed the Capitol Hill...
Posted On 12 Jun 2020
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ICONIC: J.K. Rowling Won’t Back Down From Angry Transgender Army

J.K. Rowling, the ultra-successful author of the “Harry Potter” series, will never be mistaken for a conservative. She has spent almost as much time writing anti-Trump tweets over the last four years as she has writing fiction. But she is nonetheless in the process of bei...
Posted On 11 Jun 2020
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