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Chelsea Clinton is Here to Tell Us Which Opinions We Can Have

While even most liberal Democrats wish that the Clintons would get out of the public spotlight and stay in the New York woods, daughter Chelsea apparently hasn’t gotten the message. In a speech at the CARE national conference in Washington, D.C. on Monday, the woman some...
Posted On 23 May 2017
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Why Democrats Love to Tear Down Confederate Memorials

After the shooting at an historic black church in 2015, there was an unprecedented push nationwide to get rid of any symbols that used any part of the Confederate flag. Memorably, then-South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley won bipartisan praise for removing the flag from the...
Posted On 22 May 2017
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Can You Guess Which Station’s Trump Coverage is 93% Negative?

It’s been a long-running pastime to joke about the “no duh” nature of a lot of scientific studies, but sometimes it helps to have a study that confirms – in exacting detail – what everyone already knows. No one can possibly argue that President Trump...
Posted On 21 May 2017
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Planned Parenthood: Kids Have Abortion Rights, Too, Dammit!

Two of the biggest left-wing scourges in the nation – Planned Parenthood and the ACLU – have filed a lawsuit against the state of Indiana, hoping to scrap a new law that requires minors to get parental consent before getting an abortion. The law, which is currently...
Posted On 19 May 2017
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When is White House Press Staff Going to START FIGHTING?

There has been a lot of deserving talk in conservative media about the abject hatred that’s been coming out of the so-called mainstream press. Steve Bannon rightly called the press the “opposition party,” and boy, have they ever lived up to that moniker. Forget...
Posted On 18 May 2017
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Secretary Clinton Illegally Used Office to Protect Major Foreign Donor

To hear it from liberals these days, Republican voters and independents who voted for Donald Trump should be kicking themselves for making the wrong choice. Would Hillary Clinton be mired in this endless spiral of scandal if she were president? Uh, do they even REMEMBER Hillary...
Posted On 17 May 2017
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Russian Leaks and the Plot to Remove Donald Trump From Office

After the mainstream media had a field day hyping a Washington Post story about President Trump supposedly leaking “highly classified” secrets to the Russian foreign minister, Trump lashed out on Twitter, insisting that he had done nothing wrong. “As President I...
Posted On 16 May 2017
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Why Did ABC Cancel One of its Biggest Sitcoms?

Conservatives are extremely suspicious about ABC’s decision to cancel the highly-rated sitcom “Last Man Standing,” and more than a few people think the choice was made for political reasons. The comedy has thrived on the network; despite being slotted into a...
Posted On 15 May 2017
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Oklahoma Lawmakers Officially Declare Abortion to be Murder

In a resolution that will have little to no effect on actual legal policy in the state, the Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a resolution last week that officially declared abortion to be the murder of an innocent human being. In the resolution, lawmakers in the body...
Posted On 14 May 2017
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WaPo Catches Democrat Lying About Pre-Existing Conditions

Sen. Kamala Harris of California has some progressives praying that she’ll be their great black hope in the 2020 presidential race, and she’s going out of her way to make it look like she’s interested in the position. Harris uses every opportunity she can to get...
Posted On 12 May 2017
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