MSNBC Leftists: Enforcing the Law is “Terrorizing” Illegal Immigrants

Shocked (SHOCKED, we say!) by a report that the Trump administration is sending elite SWAT-like Border Patrol units into sanctuary cities to help ICE officials arrest and deport illegal aliens, a panel of bleeding heart liberals on MSNBC spent Saturday evening telling us why...
Posted On 17 Feb 2020
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Conviction: Liberal Hero Michael Avenatti is Going Away for a While

The man who will forever live in infamy as “Creepy Porn Lawyer” (well, as long as people will remember him at all, that is) is going away for a while. Michael Avenatti, who rose to fame as lawyer for Stormy Daniels at that quaint moment in time where America cared about that...
Posted On 16 Feb 2020
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Violent Leftist Assaults Trump-Supporting Teen at New Hampshire Primary Site

It hasn’t even been a week since a psycho in Jacksonville drove his van through a tent, trying his best to mow down Republican volunteers who were trying to register people to vote in the upcoming elections. But even since then, we’ve seen reports of a lunatic at the White House...
Posted On 14 Feb 2020
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Hit Children’s Show is Actually Capitalist Propaganda, Says Professor

It seems clear that no stone will be left unturned in our ongoing culture wars. Proving this, Professor Liam Kennedy of Canada’s King’s University College appeared on the CBC this week to take aim at a very unlikely target: The hit television program, Paw Patrol. The show, which...
Posted On 13 Feb 2020
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tells Liberals That ERA is Dead in the Water

After Virginia finally ratified the Equal Rights Amendment last month, the feminists thought they were only a hair’s breadth away from seeing it added to the Constitution. But in a speech at Georgetown University this week, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg advised those...
Posted On 12 Feb 2020
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Bloomberg Branded a Racist After 2015 Audio Clip Surfaces

Can you win the Democratic presidential nomination in the Age of Woke with this kind of rhetoric in your recent history? Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who is already struggling to put his controversial support of stop-and-frisk policies in the rearview mirror, was hit this week...
Posted On 11 Feb 2020
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Nunes: Americans Have Been “Poisoned” By the Leftist Mainstream Media

In an appearance with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures” this weekend, Rep. Devin Nunes said that the media bore much of the blame for the incoherent, false narrative that had given birth to both the Russia hoax and its sequel, the Ukraine hoax. In a fiery...
Posted On 10 Feb 2020
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Trans Student Sues School: Bathroom Policy Worsening Her Kidney Disease

A transgender student in North Carolina is filing suit against the Cleveland Board of Education, Superintendent Stephen Fisher, and Kings Mountain High School Principal Julie Rikard, alleging that because she is a biological female, she has not been allowed to use the boys’...
Posted On 09 Feb 2020
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Pro-Life Democrat Leaves Party Over Extremist Abortion Policies

Fordham University Professor Charles Camosy has been a Democratic Party loyalist for most of his adult life. But while he never felt quite comfortable with the party’s ideology regarding abortion, the pro-life Camosy worked diligently for years to bring a more diverse view on...
Posted On 07 Feb 2020
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Traitor Romney on Impeachment Vote: Trump Tried to Do “What Autocrats Do”

Unable to contain his excitement over betraying his party, his country, and his voters, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) sat down with The Atlantic’s McKay Coppins the day before the Senate’s impeachment vote to explain why he was about to do what he was about to do: Become the first...
Posted On 06 Feb 2020
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