Michael Bloomberg Forced to Defend His Skin Color on CBS

Let’s get this right out there: There are plenty of reasons to think that Michael Bloomberg would make for a terrible president. He is clueless and fanatical about gun control, he seems to have a die-hard belief that the government exists to nanny people’s lives and protect them...
Posted On 08 Dec 2019
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Pelosi Announces Impeachment, Trump’s Approval Numbers Soar

On the same day that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi drew the national spotlight with the announcement everyone had been anticipating – that House Democrats will officially draw up articles of impeachment on Donald Trump – the president himself got a new polling number that should put...
Posted On 06 Dec 2019
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WaPo Columnist Instructs Media on How to Convince Public of Impeachment

Margaret Sullivan is the Washington Post’s resident “media columnist.” From what we’ve been able to tell over the past couple of years, this means that she sits at her desk and commands the media to do more to convince the public that President Trump is a terrible person....
Posted On 05 Dec 2019
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Left-Wingers Blame Racism for Kamala Harris’s Failed Campaign

Not 24 hours after Sen. Kamala Harris announced that she was dropping out of the 2020 Democratic presidential race, left-wing pundits were crawling out from behind every rotten log in America to tell anyone who would listen that this was just another black mark in the country’s...
Posted On 04 Dec 2019
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House Republicans Dismantle Impeachment Theory Piece by Piece

In a report sent to the House Judiciary Committee, the Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee outlined the problems with the Democrats’ impeachment theory, accusing the majority party of an “orchestrated campaign to upend our political system.” Dismissing much of...
Posted On 03 Dec 2019
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Pete Buttigieg Agrees: Illegal Aliens are “Coming Back to Land We Stole”

In echoes of Barack Obama’s old pal, Jeremiah Wright, Pastor William Barber held court on Sunday, telling his congregation that Americans could hardly hold it against illegal immigrants from Mexico who were flaunting our sovereignty and our laws. After all, we stole that land...
Posted On 02 Dec 2019
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Former Kamala Harris Staffer Blasts the Campaign on Her Way Out the Door

In a letter obtained by The New York Times, the California operations director for Kamala Harris’s presidential campaign offered a blistering assessment of the senator’s organization, saying in her resignation that she’s never seen a campaign “treat its staff so poorly” in her...
Posted On 01 Dec 2019
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Democrats Who Voted Trump in 2016 are Set to Do it Again Next Year

Democrats hoped they’d built the blue wall back up with their victories in the 2018 midterms. After Donald Trump shocked the country by turning Midwest Obama voters into his supporters in 2016, moderate Democrats managed to break into those tight districts, get Trump voters to...
Posted On 27 Nov 2019
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Reporter Thrown Off Twitter for Citing Facts About Transgender Murder Rates

Reporter Andy Ngo, who came to national prominence earlier this year when he was savagely attacked by Antifa thugs when they were wilding out in Portland, got suspended from Twitter this week after doing nothing more or less harmful than publishing some accurate statistics about...
Posted On 26 Nov 2019
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Rasmussen Poll: This Single Stat Could Make Victory for Dems Impossible

Rasmussen Reports is frequently an outlier when it comes to their political polling, mostly because they use a different strategy than the rest of the major outlets. Instead of polling all voters, they drill down and focus only on “likely voters,” which gives them an edge when it...
Posted On 26 Nov 2019
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