Not The Onion: De Blasio Attracts Crowd of Nearly 15 People to Iowa Rally

Bill de Blasio is continuing his ridiculous quest to win the Democratic nomination despite garnering almost no support at all for his candidacy. Outmatched even by off-the-wall candidates like Marianne Williamson, the New York City mayor is traveling the country in an...
Posted On 13 Aug 2019
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Former Miss Iraq Warns of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s True, Radical Intentions

If there’s anyone who knows about the dangers of bringing hostile religious ideology into a country, it would be former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan. Idan, who lives in the United States after being driven out of her home country (for the sin of posting a photo of herself with the...
Posted On 12 Aug 2019
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“The Hunt”: Movie About Liberal Elites Hunting Trump Supporters Canceled

After the shootings in El Paso and Dayton, the studio behind the upcoming film “The Hunt” decided it was time to stop playing commercials for the movie. Now, however, the film will reportedly be yanked from theaters altogether. The Hollywood Reporter says that...
Posted On 11 Aug 2019
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Joe Biden, Like Bernie, Doesn’t Know There are Poor White Kids

It should be right about now that we resolve, as a nation, never again to take seriously anything the Democratic Party has to say about racism and white supremacy. Granted, that moment came for most of us on the right a very long time ago, but it’s time for the rest of the...
Posted On 09 Aug 2019
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CNN Town Hall on Guns: We’ve Never Banned Assault Weapons Before

If you had the misfortune of tuning into CNN’s second annual town hall event on firearms Wednesday, first of all, we’re sorry. You deserved to have a better night than that. Second of all, you were treated to a special that, while toned down from last year’s post-Parkland event,...
Posted On 08 Aug 2019
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What? NBC Analyst Says Trump Paying Homage to Hitler with Flag Lowering

We’ve seen a great deal of stupid punditry on the cable news networks over the years, and that punditry has only grown dumber in the wake of President Trump’s ascent to power. But we’re not sure we’ve ever heard a leftist stretch as far as NBC News contributor Frank Figliuzzi did...
Posted On 07 Aug 2019
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NYT Momentarily Forgets It’s a Mouthpiece for Resistance and Not a Newspaper

The howls of outrage could be heard from every corner of left-wing Twitter. When The New York Times ran a sensible headline covering President Trump’s mass shootings speech on Monday – “TRUMP URGES UNITY VS. RACISM” – they seemed to have forgotten, if only for a brief instant,...
Posted On 06 Aug 2019
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Media Eager to Talk About One Shooter’s Politics, But Not the Other

Well, it probably won’t be long before the day comes that the words “Dayton mass shooting” are forever erased from the mainstream media’s lexicon. While there is no current evidence to suggest that left-wing ideology was what drove Connor Betts’ to kill nine people in Dayton on...
Posted On 05 Aug 2019
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Democratic Socialists of America Vote for Unrestricted Open Borders

At an event in Atlanta this week, delegates for the Democratic Socialists of America – a group that counts Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez among its members, if only unofficially – voted to endorse resolutions on a number of extreme solutions for the country, including unrestricted open...
Posted On 04 Aug 2019
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“Intolerance”: Christian Site Barred From Apple’s News Aggregator

In a statement released Wednesday, LifeSiteNews – one of the web’s most respected sources for Christian-based news from around the world – said that Apple News had barred them from participating in their aggregator app due to content that “didn’t comply with our guidelines.”...
Posted On 02 Aug 2019
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