Senate Republicans Demand Documents Pertaining to the Clinton Email Case

Despite the Washington media’s relentless focus on the Mueller report, various Democratic investigations in the House, and other nonsense meant to boost the left’s chances of dethroning President Trump in 2020, Senate Republicans are sticking to their guns. They haven’t forgotten...
Posted On 17 Apr 2019
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Valerie Jarrett Busted Trying to Cheat NY Times Bestseller List

Former Barack Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett is best known as being “that girl” seen in a lot of photographs of the 44th president and for looking absolutely nothing like a combination of Planet of the Apes and the Muslim Brotherhood. That kind of public record does not a...
Posted On 16 Apr 2019
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Union Leaders Are Not Happy About Crazy Leftist Democratic Candidates

Unions are among the top sources of funds for the Democratic Party; it is not a stretch to say that without the support of organized labor, the Democrats would have a very hard time winning local elections, much less contests for the presidency. But according to a new report from...
Posted On 15 Apr 2019
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Georgetown Students to Pay Reparations for Their School’s Ancient Sins

Georgetown University students rose to stratospheric heights of enlightenment last week, voting to increase the school’s tuition so that a fund could be created for the descendants of the 272 Africans enslaved and sold by the university’s founding Jesuits. This scenario, of...
Posted On 14 Apr 2019
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New Indictment Could Put Michael Avenatti Away for a Very Long Time

Attorney Michael Avenatti’s second career as a cable news guest has already largely come to an end, but his larger lifestyle of getting in front of a camera, microphone, or social media keyboard at any opportunity may also be reaching its conclusion. Indeed, if federal...
Posted On 12 Apr 2019
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Virginia Democrats: We “Rushed to Judgment” on Gov. Northam

Well, well, well, what a surprise. Democrats, who are always eager to throw a Republican under the bus for any transgression against modern morals, no matter how minor or how far in the past they occurred, have concluded that Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam got a bad rap. Northam’s...
Posted On 11 Apr 2019
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Schumer: Women Can Abort Right Up Until “Moment Before Child is Born”

The Democrats as a whole announced to the world how extreme their abortion position has become last month when they blocked Sen. Ben Sasse from bringing to the floor a bill that would protect a baby that has survived a botched abortion. That was the moment they went on record as...
Posted On 10 Apr 2019
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Earth to Mayor Pete: Mike Pence Doesn’t Care if You’re Gay

We’re beginning to suspect that the only reason South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg keeps picking an ethical fight with Vice President Mike Pence is that he’s trying to let all the “woke” liberal voters out there know that he’s gay. Because there’s literally no other sense...
Posted On 09 Apr 2019
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Democrat Congressman: Chicago Police are “Sworn Enemy of Black People”

At a press conference this weekend, Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) came to the defense of Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx, the state’s attorney under fire for her handling of the Jussie Smollett hoax case. Rush pushed back on the obvious circumstances of the situation, those being that Foxx...
Posted On 08 Apr 2019
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Trump Slams Democrats for Continuing the “Big Hoax” of Collusion

In an interview with Fox News on Saturday, President Donald Trump said the “big hoax” that was Robert Mueller’s investigation into collusion was now over, his presidency free from the dark shadow of conspiracy theories. He blasted congressional Democrats for ignoring the...
Posted On 07 Apr 2019
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