UN Leftist Says U.S. Abortion Laws are a Form of “Extremist Hate”

In remarks to the UK Guardian newspaper, UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Kate Gilmore said that recent laws coming out of several U.S. states amount to a form of terrorism against women. “We have not called it out in the same way we have other forms of extremist...
Posted On 05 Jun 2019
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Pandering: Biden Unveils Climate Plan That Builds on the Green New Deal

Former Vice President Joe Biden is often described as the lone moderate Democrat running for the nomination in 2020, and in a lot of ways, that description is accurate. Not because Biden is truly some kind of conservative in disguise or a Democrat In Name Only, but because that’s...
Posted On 04 Jun 2019
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Cher: LGBT People Headed for “Internment Camps” if Trump Wins Again

Oh lordy, never go full Cher. We thought there might have been a glimmer of hope for the pop star’s sanity a couple of months ago, when she appeared to realize that Americans should spend a little more money on homeless citizens than on illegal immigrants from Central America....
Posted On 03 Jun 2019
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Testimony: Hillary Clinton Was Warned Against Using Personal Email, Devices

In testimony for a lawsuit being brought by Judicial Watch against the State Department, former Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security Eric Boswell told deposition lawyers that he’d warned his former boss, Hillary Clinton, on multiple occasions that they should not...
Posted On 02 Jun 2019
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Nevada Governor Vetoes Bill The Would Upend the Electoral College

So far, fifteen states (blue ones, one and all) have joined what’s being called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. This means laws have been passed in those states pledging that, no matter who actually wins the state in the presidential election, the state’s electoral...
Posted On 31 May 2019
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Under Pressure, Robert Mueller Gives Democrats What They Wanted

In a press conference from the Justice Department on Wednesday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller finally gave Democrats what they’ve wanted from him since he filed his report. In the process, he destroyed the goodwill he’d built up with Republicans and Trump supporters over the...
Posted On 30 May 2019
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Dossier Author Clams Up: Spy Won’t Talk to DOJ Prosecutor

Prosecutor John Durham has been tasked by Attorney General William Barr to conduct a thorough investigation of the Russia probe, focusing specifically on the FBI’s use of the phony opposition research known as the Steele dossier to secure warrants against an American citizen. But...
Posted On 29 May 2019
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Former Obama Admin Staffer: Trump is Set to Win Big in 2020

Steven Rattner, a former counselor to the Treasury Secretary under President Obama and a current Wall Street executive, wrote in a New York Times piece this week that Trump is on course to win the 2020 election. Rattner didn’t just rely on his own political savvy to come up with...
Posted On 28 May 2019
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Liz Cheney: FBI Lovebirds Seemed to Be Texting About a “Coup”

In an interview with ABC News this weekend, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) said she was supportive of the Justice Department’s inquiries into the origins of the Trump/Russia probe. Speaking to “This Week,” the Wyoming Republican said that if you looked at the text messages between FBI...
Posted On 27 May 2019
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John McCain Recited Names of Dictators During Trump’s Inauguration

We ordinarily would take anything out of a 2020 Democratic candidate’s mouth with an enormous grain of salt, even moreso when her comments are reported by the notoriously untrustworthy HuffPost. But somehow, we don’t have the slightest problem believing Sen. Amy Klobuchar when...
Posted On 26 May 2019
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