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Social Justice Warrior Says Frat Houses Should Be Sprayed With Graffiti

A student activist at William & Mary College wrote in an op-ed this week that it was not only socially acceptable for social justice warriors to spray paint frat houses with graffiti marking them as places that glorify and encourage the mistreatment of women, but that it was...
Posted On 16 Nov 2017
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Glamour Magazine Thought THESE Women Deserved an Award??

“I continue to say, impeach him! Impeach him! Impeach him! Impeach 45! Impeach 45! I didn’t hear you! Impeach 45!” So went the lunatic screeches of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) as she accepted a “Woman of the Year” award from Glamour magazine. Her James Brown-esque ‘do waving gently...
Posted On 15 Nov 2017
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30,000 Visas Issued to People From Countries Labeled Terrorism Sponsors

The White House announced this month that from 2007 until 2016, nearly 30,000 people from countries the State Department has designated “State Sponsors of Terrorism” received the green light to come stay in the United States through the much-maligned Visa Lottery program. “In the...
Posted On 14 Nov 2017
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CNN Gets Defensive, Wraps Itself in First Amendment

CNN is launching a new series called “Free Press: What’s at Stake” to highlight the “challenges facing the media, which is under attack from critics, governments, and changing technology.” The series is not specifically about CNN’s war with the White House, although that is...
Posted On 13 Nov 2017
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Mueller is Finished: Watchdog Group Files Major Lawsuit Against DOJ

Judicial Watch, which has proven itself to be one of the most effective government watchdog groups in American history, is turning its attention to the wild and reckless investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller with an explosive new lawsuit. In the suit, Judicial Watch is...
Posted On 12 Nov 2017
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GOP Would Rather Lose a Seat Than Have Roy Moore in the Senate

By the time we learn everything there is to know about the sexual allegations against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, we wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that Mitch McConnell’s opposition research team were the ones behind the scandal. It has been obvious from...
Posted On 10 Nov 2017
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Former NSA Analyst: No Way the DNC was Hacked by Russians…or Anyone Else

Is the U.S. intelligence community hiding the truth of the DNC hacks from the President of the United States and the American people? That’s the assertion made by former National Security Agency analyst William Binney who, together with his colleagues in the Veteran Intelligence...
Posted On 09 Nov 2017
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Black Writer Says Oppression of African-Americans is No Longer a Thing

In a speech that is sure to make him an instant enemy in the liberal realm of identity politics, award-winning African-American writer Shelby Steele said Wednesday that the era of black oppression in America was over and it was time for black Americans to rise up to the...
Posted On 08 Nov 2017
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Libs Blasting Trump on Mental Health Gun Law are Pathetically Clueless

The mainstream media has been particularly loose with the truth when it comes to President Donald Trump this week, and if you’ve been watching these vultures over the past year, you know that’s really saying something. First, there were the deeply-cynical attacks on Trump f...
Posted On 07 Nov 2017
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Millions of Immigrants Coming to U.S. Through Devastating Loophole

After a Muslim terrorist named Sayfullo Saipov killed eight people in New York City on Halloween night, it was rapidly revealed that he came to the U.S. from his native Uzbekistan through a program known as the Diversity Visa lottery. In this program, immigrants can get a...
Posted On 06 Nov 2017
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