Oh Boy: Hillary Clinton May Actually Run Again in 2020

Against all odds, logic, and common sense, it seems as though Hillary Clinton may actually run for president a third time in 2020. Apparently confident that she can finally win the brass ring this time around, now that James Comey, Vladimir Putin, the BernieBros, Matt Lauer, The...
Posted On 28 Jan 2019
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Roger Stone’s Indictment Yet Another Sign of How Weak Mueller’s Case Is

Democrats still counting on Special Counsel Robert Mueller to be the Hero of the Resistance are either kidding themselves or blatantly lying to the American people. Because time and again, Mueller has tipped his cards to show us that when it all comes down to it, he’s got...
Posted On 27 Jan 2019
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More Democrats Than Ever Think Socialism is a “Good Thing” for U.S.

If the media treated Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as they would any Republican with her stunning lack of credentials, knowledge, or critical thinking skills, perhaps her admirers on Twitter would be a little more embarrassed about supporting her. But since they treat her as the next...
Posted On 25 Jan 2019
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Radical in Congress: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Votes No on Funding ICE

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been a source of unending amusement for conservatives since she came on the scene, but now that she wields a small amount of power in Washington, it may not be long before that amusement turns to horror. Right now, Ocasio-Cortez is little more than a...
Posted On 24 Jan 2019
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Major Gun Rights Case to be Decided by the Supreme Court

For the first time in nearly a decade, a now-solidly conservative Supreme Court will take up the issue of our nation’s Second Amendment rights. This Tuesday, the court announced that it will hear a challenge to New York City’s extreme gun laws, which prohibit individuals from...
Posted On 23 Jan 2019
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Notre Dame Hides “Demeaning” Mural Celebrating Christopher Columbus

For several years, the left has targeted the heroes of United States history in their ongoing effort to transform this nation into a weak, socialist, servile land of homosexuality and immorality. Recently, that effort has begun gaining immense traction. They started by tearing...
Posted On 22 Jan 2019
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Pastor Gaga Says Mike Pence is “Worst Representation” of Christianity

Noted minister Lady Gaga said Saturday that she has a big problem with Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen claiming to be Christians. Apparently riled up by the story that Karen Pence is going to work for a Christian school that does not (surprise!) believe in gay...
Posted On 21 Jan 2019
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The Left Views MAGA Hats as Equivalent to KKK Hoods

In a sea of shameful, fake news, it’s hard to get really up in arms and disgusted anymore with any of it. After a while, you just lose your ability to be surprised by their deceptive bias and their blatant hatred for anyone to the right of Joe Manchin. Or at least that’s what we...
Posted On 20 Jan 2019
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Media Horrified That Karen Pence Would Work at a Christian School

Apparently, the mainstream media thinks Americans will be captivated, horrified, and repulsed when they realize that Christian schools are still teaching that homosexuality is a sin, that real marriage is between a man and a woman, and that no, you were not born in the “wrong...
Posted On 18 Jan 2019
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DOJ Was Explicitly Warned That Steele Dossier Was Politically Biased

The Hill’s John Solomon has been one of the unsung journalists digging past the media’s feeding trough and into the gleaming truth of the FBI’s malpractice during the 2016 election. This week, Solomon dropped another bombshell that will go utterly ignored by the Democrat-run...
Posted On 17 Jan 2019
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