Trump Gives AG Barr Unilateral Power to Declassify Intelligence Documents

Get ready, because the investigation into the FBI/CIA/DOJ’s wrongdoing in 2016 is about to break wide open. On Thursday, President Donald Trump took the extraordinary step of bestowing upon Attorney General William Barr the unfettered power to declassify any documents from the...
Posted On 24 May 2019
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Rand Paul: Justin Amash’s Call for Impeachment is Not Libertarian

The other day, we talked about the extraordinary development in Washington that saw Rep. Justin Amash’s own House Freedom Caucus vote to condemn his remarks about President Trump being ripe for impeachment. Well, it turns out that Amash has not only risked his identity as one of...
Posted On 23 May 2019
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Ilhan Omar: I’m Here to Clear Up “Ignorance” of Republican Voters

She’s blamed the U.S. for the situation in Venezuela. She’s said that the only real important thing about 9/11 (some people did some things) was how it affected Muslims. She’s made multiple anti-Semitic remarks about the country’s support for Israel. And now, having gone almost a...
Posted On 22 May 2019
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House Conservatives Condemn Justin Amash for Impeachment Remarks

In the clearest sign yet that Republicans are in no mood to put up with conservatives who wander off the reservation, the House Freedom Caucus voted Monday to officially condemn Rep. Justin Amash for his remarks on impeaching President Donald Trump. The remarks, which Amash made...
Posted On 21 May 2019
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Poll: Most Voters Think FBI Broke the Law While Probing Trump Campaign

According to a new Fox News poll, opinions are changing quickly when it comes to the Russia investigation, the special counsel, and the impeachment of Donald Trump. Most of the numbers look particularly good for the president, and not so good for Democrats who have apparently...
Posted On 20 May 2019
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NYC Education Chancellor Accused of Racism Against White Employees

Several former employees of the New York City Department of Education are preparing to file a lawsuit against the city, accusing public schools Chancellor Richard Carranza of fostering an environment that is “hostile toward whites.” According to the New York Post, the accusers...
Posted On 19 May 2019
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#MeToo May Be the Worst Thing to Ever Happen to Working Women

According to a new survey by, 60% of male managers now feel uncomfortable socializing and mentoring women one-on-one in the workplace. That’s a huge increase from last year’s survey, where only 46% of male managers said the same thing. And even that number is much,...
Posted On 17 May 2019
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New Zogby Poll: Trump Hits Highest Approval Ratings of His Presidency

At least 23 Democrats will be morbidly disappointed by this news out of Zogby. According to the pollsters, Donald Trump just hit the highest approval numbers of his presidency, not only blowing past his own top scores but even eclipsing where Barack Obama was at this point in his...
Posted On 16 May 2019
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Joe Biden Still Thinks Donald Trump is an “Illegitimate” President

Democrats on the far left (and even some a little closer to the moderate side of the party – if such a thing exists) have been saying for months that 2020 frontrunner Joe Biden is old and out of touch with the progressive movement. We’ve watched these attacks with a mixture of...
Posted On 15 May 2019
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“Failed Mayor”: Bill de Blasio Heckled at Event Meant to Bash Trump

Quasi-Communist NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has yet to make up his mind about running for president, but he’s certainly using Trump’s name and likeness to make a stand in his hometown. On Monday, the mayor appeared at Trump Tower in Manhattan to promote New York City’s answer to the...
Posted On 14 May 2019
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