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Pelosi Shows Why Appeasing Democrats Never Works

We won’t pretend that it was ONLY Democrats who were calling for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from any pending investigations regarding Russia and the 2016 election, but they were certainly the ones barking the loudest. And we’re not even saying...
Posted On 03 Mar 2017
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Former Clinton Activist Fired After Sick Tweet

An activist who has spent time volunteering for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama showed the world what gracious compassion liberals have in their hearts when he mocked the widow of fallen Navy SEAL, William “Ryan” Owens. Dan Grilo, who wears his activism on his...
Posted On 02 Mar 2017
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Eric Holder: Obama Soon to Make Public Comeback

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but when it comes to Barack Obama, we’re still going to need some more time. Give us till at least summer, Barry. We’re…we’re just not quite there yet. Regardless, Obama’s former attorney general,...
Posted On 01 Mar 2017
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Most Voters Want Dems to Chill Out and Work With Trump

The majority of voters surveyed in the latest Rasmussen Reports poll say that Democrats are only hurting themselves with their constant opposition to Donald Trump. Even among Democrats, there is significant support for a strategy that puts more emphasis on compromise and less...
Posted On 28 Feb 2017
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Media Twists Bush’s “Criticism” of Trump Into Something it Isn’t

George W. Bush offered some (rather mild) criticism of President Trump on Monday when he sat down for an interview with NBC’s Today Show. While Bush’s comments inspired a million raging headlines that made it sound like he’s getting ready to don a pin hat and...
Posted On 27 Feb 2017
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Trump Won’t Make Nice With the Press at Correspondents’ Dinner

President Trump announced Saturday that he would not be going to the political media’s “nerd prom,” making this the first time since 1981 that a president did not show up to the annual event. “I will not be attending the White House Correspondents’...
Posted On 26 Feb 2017
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Real Leaks, Fake News: The Perfect Example

A few reporters scratched their heads last Friday when President Trump told them that while the illegal leaks coming out of the administration were real, the news reporting those leaks was fake. But if that sounded like a strange, paradoxical comment to make at the time, it...
Posted On 24 Feb 2017
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Farewell to a Liberal Who Could Actually Debate the Issues

For anyone who tuned into Fox News in the early days, Alan Colmes was the voice of the left on a channel that did not try to hide its conservative biases. Paired with Sean Hannity for the first decade of the network’s rise to cable-news dominance, Colmes played an integral...
Posted On 23 Feb 2017
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Bill: Colleges Should Consider Political Views When Hiring

An Iowa Republican in the state senate has filed legislation that would require public universities to make sure there is a reasonable balance of partisan ideology among the faculty. Sen. Mark Chelgren’s bill would force Iowa’s state board of regents to use an...
Posted On 22 Feb 2017
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New York: Passengers Board Flights With ZERO Security Screening

Port Authority officials are trying to determine what happened on Monday morning when eleven passengers at New York City’s JFK Airport breezed through unmanned TSA security stations on their way to destinations unknown. The unbelievable breach happened at a JetBlue terminal...
Posted On 21 Feb 2017
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