CNN Host Pleads: Stop Blaming China for the Coronavirus!

In a monologue on Sunday, CNN host Fareed Zakaria spent five minutes teeing off on President Donald Trump, accusing him of using China as a scapegoat for his own inaction in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Zakaria, while acknowledging that China and their partners in the...
Posted On 20 Apr 2020
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Pelosi Says “The President Gets an F” for Coronavirus Response

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was down in San Francisco’s Chinatown on February 24th, calling for constituents to come on down and jump in the crowds, now says that President Donald Trump has shown poor, “weak” leadership during the crisis. Despite the fact that Trump banned...
Posted On 19 Apr 2020
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Biden Says No to Cuomo, “Important” to Have a Woman on the Ticket

In a CNN coronavirus townhall special on Thursday, former Vice President Joe Biden said he was sticking with his promise to name a woman to his 2020 ticket. The presumptive Democratic nominee noted that while New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was well qualified to be president himself,...
Posted On 17 Apr 2020
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Russia Was Well Aware of Christopher Steele’s 2016 Dossier Probe

What can explain the vast gulf between the contents of Christopher Steele’s infamous dossier and reality? Was the former British spy simply sitting in his office, making things up? Did he mistakenly trust the wrong sources? Was he just trolling the internet, looking for salacious...
Posted On 16 Apr 2020
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CA Mayor Resigns After Saying Trump Supporters Are Like the KKK

Mayor William Kirby of Auburn, California will be looking for a new job now that he’s announced his resignation from office. Kirby got himself in hot water with Auburn residents this week when he posted messages to social media that compared supporters of President Trump to...
Posted On 15 Apr 2020
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Judge Nap: Governors Don’t Have the “Power to Crush Individual Liberties”

After a report on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show on Monday lambasted Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for expanding her state’s stay-at-home order to include a ban on visiting relatives and holding private gatherings with friends, Judge Andrew Napolitano joined the conversation to...
Posted On 14 Apr 2020
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Joe Biden’s “Plan” to Reopen America is Nothing But Hot Air

With an op-ed in The New York Times on Sunday, presumptive Democratic nominee for president Joe Biden unveiled his “plan to reopen America” in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The op-ed, which seems perfectly calculated to both attack President Trump and draw attention away...
Posted On 13 Apr 2020
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A Vaccine By September? One Researcher is “80%” Confident.

While some experts say that a massive rollout of coronavirus testing could put America (and the world) back to work sooner than later, others say that we have little chance of returning to normal until there is a vaccine for the disease. To be sure, there will be a certain...
Posted On 12 Apr 2020
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President Trump Shoots to Record High Approval Rating in Fox News Poll

Well, if you were curious as to why major cable news networks are implementing a policy to no longer carry President Trump’s daily coronavirus briefings live on the airwaves, look no further than the latest poll from Fox News. The network, which is largely fair to Trump in their...
Posted On 10 Apr 2020
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Trump Trolls the Left: Bernie “Would Have Won” if Not for Elizabeth Warren

After Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders finally brought his bruised and battered Socialist Train into the station on Wednesday, President Trump wasted no time in driving the wedge of division into the far-left’s already-fractured cement. “Bernie Sanders is OUT!” Trump tweeted. “Thank...
Posted On 09 Apr 2020
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