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Father of Fallen Marine Slams Obama

21-year-old Marine Hunter Hogan was killed in Afghanistan on June 23, 2012. Almost immediately, his father spoke out against the Obama administration. “We…want to know why the media in our country has coddled instead of covered this Teflon coated...
Posted On 05 Jan 2015
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Atheist: Religious Beliefs Only For Unintelligent

Writing an article for Salon, atheist John G. Messerly has a Christmas message for those of us who still believe there may be something to the Greatest Story Ever Told: we only believe because we’re not educated enough. Helpfully buttressing Messerly’s argument is the...
Posted On 24 Dec 2014
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Liberal “Equality” Is an Irrational Fight

If you could sum up the American liberal movement in a single word, that word might well be “equality.” Well, that’s what they would have us believe, anyway. They don’t care for such terms as personal responsibility or class mobility – except when...
Posted On 22 Dec 2014
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Court Decides Obesity Is a Disability

Europe’s highest court ruled this week that being obese “can constitute a disability,” meaning that fat workers must be provided with special accommodations such as larger chairs, closer parking spaces, and other facilities that help them work without...
Posted On 19 Dec 2014
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Could Hollywood Comedy Precipitate War?

If you told someone in 2013 that a comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco would set off international violence, they probably wouldn’t believe you. But in 2014, that prospect doesn’t seem nearly as ridiculous. The movie in question – The Interview –...
Posted On 17 Dec 2014
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Sydney and the Age of Lone Wolf Terrorism

In the years after 9/11, Americans waited for the other shoe to drop. What would Al Qaeda pull next from their bag of bloody tricks? Concerns about old Russian nuclear weapons, chemical agents, dirty bombs, and other means of mass murder were embedded deep in our national...
Posted On 16 Dec 2014
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Empathize and Understand: Clinton’s Recipe for Disaster

If we were to hold the elections today, there is every indication that Hillary Clinton would be the next president of the United States. For that reason alone, any American concerned about the future of the country should be paying close attention to what she has to say. Hardly...
Posted On 12 Dec 2014
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Controversial Senate Torture Report to Be Released

A Senate Intelligence Committee report on the CIA’s past use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” is finally set to be released on Tuesday. The report has garnered controversy, with leaders on both sides of the aisle asking for delay. “I think this is a terrible...
Posted On 08 Dec 2014
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Kerry Expects Iranian Deal Within Four Months

Perhaps it was cruelly ironic that Secretary of State John Kerry announced his optimism for a nuclear deal with Iran on the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks. Because any deal we make that could allow this evil government to get closer to a nuke would surely put us in...
Posted On 08 Dec 2014
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China on the Verge of Dethroning America

You could spend hours on all of the ways the United States has suffered under the rule of Barack Obama, but none would make a stronger case than a new report from the International Monetary Fund. For the first time since the late 1800s, America can no longer claim to be the...
Posted On 05 Dec 2014
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