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Former NSA Analyst: No Way the DNC was Hacked by Russians…or Anyone Else

Is the U.S. intelligence community hiding the truth of the DNC hacks from the President of the United States and the American people? That’s the assertion made by former National Security Agency analyst William Binney who, together with his colleagues in the Veteran Intelligence...
Posted On 09 Nov 2017
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Millions of Immigrants Coming to U.S. Through Devastating Loophole

After a Muslim terrorist named Sayfullo Saipov killed eight people in New York City on Halloween night, it was rapidly revealed that he came to the U.S. from his native Uzbekistan through a program known as the Diversity Visa lottery. In this program, immigrants can get a...
Posted On 06 Nov 2017
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MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”: North Korea’s Favorite Program!

Perhaps NBC News and MSNBC have realized that they’ve lost all credibility with the American people – a credibility that probably isn’t coming back anytime soon. So they’ve taken a drastic step towards salvaging their brand – instead of trying to introduce some actual,...
Posted On 23 Oct 2017
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Come On: Now Even SHAKESPEARE Needs Trigger Warnings?

If you think that the left’s oversensitivity is restricted to our shores, rest assured that they’re dealing with the same nonsense on the other side of the Pond. Academic experts in England are irritated and alarmed by reports that Cambridge University students are being giv...
Posted On 22 Oct 2017
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Homeland Security: Terrorist Groups Want A New 9/11

According to the acting director of the Department of Homeland Security, terrorist groups like the Islamic State and al Qaeda are busying themselves with small-scale attacks while they plan a larger, more sensational attack to unleash on the West. DHS Acting Secretary Elaine Duke...
Posted On 19 Oct 2017
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Experts: North Korean EMP Attack Could Kill 90% of U.S. Population

At a House Homeland Security hearing last week, experts warned that North Korea has the ability to strike the U.S. mainland with a nuclear EMP attack that could wreck our country’s power grid, shut electricity off for months, and lead to the deaths of hundreds of millions of...
Posted On 15 Oct 2017
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Terrifying Report: North Korea Tried to Hack U.S. Power Companies

According to internal documents from a cybersecurity company, hackers with North Korean links tried to recently gain access to U.S. electricity companies using spearphishing emails. A new NBC News report shows that the hackers sent fake fundraiser invitations to their targets –...
Posted On 11 Oct 2017
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Trump’s “Calm Before the Storm”: A Dark Warning for Our Enemies

President Trump stirred up another round of puzzled reporting on Thursday evening when he made what appeared to be a casual, unscripted remark to the press pool. At a State Dining Room dinner the White House was throwing for military commanders and their spouses, Trump gestured...
Posted On 09 Oct 2017
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This is Leadership: Trump Makes His Move on Iran

White House officials confirmed this weekend that President Trump was going to decertify the Iran nuclear agreement in the coming days, thus kicking off a process that could put economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic back into place. Trump’s decision does not...
Posted On 06 Oct 2017
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What Caused U.S. Diplomats to Lose Their Hearing in Cuba?

There was an interesting feature story in the Associated Press this weekend about the disturbing maladies that have befallen several U.S. diplomats stationed in Havana, Cuba. The news broke about the diplomats earlier this year, and yet investigators are apparently no closer to...
Posted On 17 Sep 2017
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