The Top 5 Reasons to Put an End to Illegal Immigration

According to a new story originating with the Wall Street Journal, President Barack Obama is mulling over the possibility of a new executive order putting a halt to illegal immigration deportations. This is exactly the direction that many conservatives worried he might take,...
Posted On 31 Jul 2014
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Israel Wages War on Hamas While Media Wages War on Israel

Even in the midst of Secretary John Kerry’s bungled foreign tour, asking for a cease-fire that requires no concessions from Hamas, a new poll shows that 40% of Americans blame the Palestinian “government” for the conflict occurring in the Gaza Strip. This is opposed to only...
Posted On 30 Jul 2014
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TSA Runs Contest in Latest Episode of Security Theater

The Transportation Security Administration is offering $15,000 in prizes to people who can come up with ideas to speed up the security system in American airports. With a keen ear towards the millions of complaints about the insufferable wait times, the government has decided to...
Posted On 29 Jul 2014
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Perry Sends Troops to the Border – Illegals Responsible For More than 3,000 Homicides

Last night on Sean Hannity’s Fox program, Texas Governor Rick Perry again stressed the impact of the border crisis. Speaking about his decision to send National Guard troops to the border for extra security, Perry defended Texas’ right to protect themselves from this onslaught of...
Posted On 24 Jul 2014
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Romney on Russia – The GOP Candidate Was Right All Along

Sometimes it feels good to go back in time and relish in just how right you were, even though your stance may have been perceived as outrageous or untenable at the time. Sometimes, though, it can also hurt a little. It hurts because while you can take pleasure in pointing the...
Posted On 23 Jul 2014
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Who’s Ready to See America Stand Behind Her Allies Once Again?

The stories of civilian deaths coming out of Ukraine and Gaza break the hearts of any compassionate American. Last Thursday was a date that will go down in infamy around the world, leaving hundreds of dead innocents on the ground following a tragic plane explosion 30 miles west...
Posted On 22 Jul 2014
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The Alien Invasion – Proud Americans Strike Back With Signs and Protests

Friday and Saturday, groups around the country turned out in a grassroots protest against the influx of illegal aliens at the border. Angry, proud, and desperate to make their voices heard, these Americans brought their message to the streets in droves, warning their fellow...
Posted On 21 Jul 2014
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Israel – Palestinian Conflict Heats Up: When Will the Fighting End?

The United Nations is in the middle of pleading with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to bring this latest round of shelling to an end, but it seems clear that this is a fight Netanyahu is committed to resolving. Of course, it almost goes without saying that Israel is...
Posted On 14 Jul 2014
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Great Lakes Rising: An Under-reported Rebuke of Climate Change

Last year, a report from a U.S./Canada International Joint Commission warned that we should expect dire consequences for the Great Lakes in the coming years. It detailed a five-year study on the shrinking water levels in Lakes Huron and Michigan and relayed in ominous tones the...
Posted On 05 Jul 2014
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Crisis in New York

Some stories are so logic-defying that you have to immediately check your sources. This isn’t from The Onion, is it? No, unfortunately it’s true that New York state Senator Guestavo Rivera is interested in pursuing legislation that would give illegal immigrants the right to vote....
Posted On 01 Jul 2014
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