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What Caused U.S. Diplomats to Lose Their Hearing in Cuba?

There was an interesting feature story in the Associated Press this weekend about the disturbing maladies that have befallen several U.S. diplomats stationed in Havana, Cuba. The news broke about the diplomats earlier this year, and yet investigators are apparently no closer to...
Posted On 17 Sep 2017
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Pope: If You’re Pro-Life, You Have to be Pro-Illegal Immigration

With every passing week, Pope Francis newly reminds us that he’s as much a messenger for the liberal elite as he is a messenger of Jesus Christ. And while there are millions of Catholics who argue that the two messages go hand in hand, we would strongly disagree. Even if...
Posted On 12 Sep 2017
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North Korea’s New Threat Could Be Their Darkest One Yet

Discussion of North Korea’s threat to the U.S. mainland has largely been restricted to the effects a direct nuclear blast would have on a major American metropolitan area. With the Pyongyang regime getting ever closer to the goal of miniaturizing a nuclear warhead capable of...
Posted On 07 Sep 2017
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Antifa Groups to Trump: Leave North Korea Alone!

Leave it to the far left to find new and inventive ways of “resisting” the Trump administration. These clowns, who claim to be ANTIFA-scist, are even willing to defend one of the most brutal totalitarian dictators in the modern world. Yes, that would be Kim Jong Un of...
Posted On 06 Sep 2017
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North Korea Just Took a Huge Step Towards World War

After a brief period where international observers dared to hope that North Korea’s Kim Jong Un had begun to see some form of reason, the world’s most dangerous dictator proved this week that he is still pushing forward on an aggressive plan to force the U.S. and its allies to...
Posted On 29 Aug 2017
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Merkel Won’t Admit She Made a Colossal Mistake With Refugees

Polls show that Angela Merkel is likely to win another term as German chancellor when the elections play out at the end of September, but her comments to the Welt am Sonntag newspaper this weekend ought to disqualify her from even running. Politicians are infamous for refusing to...
Posted On 28 Aug 2017
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Crackdown: Trump Admin Bans All U.S. Travel to North Korea

In concert with new U.N. sanctions against the country, the U.S. announced this week that all travel to North Korea would be suspended until further notice. The move, which was widely expected after the shameful death of American student Otto Warmbier, comes as tensions between...
Posted On 07 Aug 2017
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Australia Foils Stunning Islamist Plot to Destroy Airliner

The threat of Islamic terrorism leaves no country untouched, as Australians were reminded this weekend. Four men were arrested by Australian Federal Police, reportedly having had their “Islamic-inspired” plot to bomb an airplane foiled by the authorities. Security was stepped up...
Posted On 31 Jul 2017
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No Politician in America Would Have Passed Up That Meeting

Because the story ran on for months and months and months without a satisfactory conclusion, many Americans are already beginning to forget just how sordid and suspicious the Hillary Clinton email scandal actually was. A lot of people tend to think that the FBI investigated the...
Posted On 17 Jul 2017
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House Republican Issues DIRE Warning About Iran’s Nuclear Program

On the second anniversary of President Barack Obama’s disastrous Iranian nuclear agreement, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce released a statement renewing his opposition to the deal and highlighting the tremendous risks the West was taking by allowing it to stand...
Posted On 16 Jul 2017
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