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Donald Trump: A Risk Worth Taking

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday to discuss Donald Trump’s debate preparation a day before the big showdown at Hofstra University. Before getting into the specifics of Trump’s prep work, however, Flynn gave...
Posted On 25 Sep 2016
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Cruz Blasts Obama for Submissive United Nations Speech

Texas Senator Ted Cruz took to his Facebook page on Tuesday with a statement about President Obama’s speech before the United Nations, and he was characteristically blunt in his analysis. Cruz was disturbed by the globalist theme of Obama’s speech, and he criticized...
Posted On 21 Sep 2016
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Hillary Sticks With “Immigrants First” Campaign Platform

This week, in a speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute in Washington, Hillary Clinton proved that while she may have successfully cleared her lungs of bacterial pneumonia, she hasn’t cleared her head of the pro-illegal immigration nonsense that makes her...
Posted On 16 Sep 2016
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Israel Alone Denoted as “Occupiers” by United Nations

A new research study indicates that the United Nations, in their official condemnations of Israel, treats the country much differently than they do virtually any other nation in the world. The study, carried out by Eugene Kontorovich of Northwestern University School of Law,...
Posted On 15 Sep 2016
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Retired Diplomat: Clinton Unfit to Protect National Security

As the Deputy Chief of Mission for Libya, State Department Foreign Service officer Gregory Hicks had an up close and personal look at the tragedy that unfolded in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. In an op-ed for Fox News on the fourth anniversary of that deadly terrorist invasion,...
Posted On 12 Sep 2016
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In Laos, Obama Bashes Americans as “Lazy” on Environment

The media made a big deal out of Barack Obama being the first American president to visit Laos, but they didn’t tell us that he was going there to bash his fellow countrymen. No, not Kenyans, silly rabbit. At a townhall meeting, Obama said that it was due to the laziness of...
Posted On 07 Sep 2016
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Report: U.S. Granted Iran Secret Nuclear Exemptions

Eight months after President Obama triumphantly signed the Iranian nuclear deal into existence, the truth is all coming out. First, we learned about the $400 million ransom payment that was certainly NOT a ransom payment. Then, oops, we learned that it actually was a ransom...
Posted On 01 Sep 2016
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The Worldwide Immigration Tipping Point

Donald Trump’s critics would have you believe that the Republican nominee singlehandedly set the United States ablaze with anger over illegal immigration, creating it, magically, with the sheer will of his charisma. But while Trump certainly brought immigration back to the...
Posted On 24 Aug 2016
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Clinton’s Agenda Shows Why Trump is the Only Choice

Any Republican voter still wrestling with themselves over whether or not they should support Donald Trump should read an article in Sunday’s Washington Post about Hillary Clinton’s immediate political objectives upon taking the oath of office. If it doesn’t...
Posted On 21 Aug 2016
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Trump Trades Words With National Security Republicans

On Monday, a letter signed by fifty Republican national security officials was released. In it, the officials warned that Donald Trump was a threat to America’s continued “well-being.” “From a foreign policy perspective, Donald Trump is not qualified to be...
Posted On 10 Aug 2016
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